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in flower •  2 years ago

The Cactus Does Flower.
It’s not just a prickly thing after all.

Arriving home in daylight today, I caught our cactus in full flower, a rare event for me.
I typically miss it flowering and end up only noticing that it has after it’s already done.

They’ll close up after the sun goes down and I don’t know how many days they will last so I took the opportunity to capture them using my Samsung Galaxy S6 smart phone.

They are in the shade since I took the photos and the petals are already starting to close.

Full Size Images:

Aren’t they pretty?

Cheers & Rock On!
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That's beautiful. We've had a few cacti, but didn't do a good job of looking after them


This one just lives in a pot in the front yard and takes care of itself.
No looking after required which is luck 'cause I don't have the greenest thumb when it comes to pot plants typically.

I was mistaken so it seems.
The flowers don't appear to have closed all the way like I expected them to.
I took these photos after getting home from Metal Fetish rehearsals tonight, around quarter to midnight.

Full size photos in the same link: