What do you mean? I don't. Flat earthers do. I'm thinking you might be asking about why flat earthers think he was talking about flat earth? Because he was talking about 'lands beyond' Antarctica, and they imagine that means unexplored lands on a flat earth that could not exist on a sphere because a sphere is finite and a flat plane could, theoretically, have more land on it that we've not explored yet.

But I mean he could also believe in spherical earth. And he could go explore the south pole from that perspective and than he could make a conclusion that it is flat.
You are right about the size of Antarctica and US almost the same but he is saying that the part he found is "the size of the United States".
Everything is unexplored and will be to eternity

Vox, your point is not very clear to me. He said that it's the size of the United States, and it is (close). What I'm saying is that no one would describe an 'ice rim' as 'the size of the United States'. That's simply not how you would describe a 60,000 mile long WALL of ice.

And there would not BE any 'part' that he found that could possibly be as large in mass as the United States if it were an Ice Rim. Because the rim would have to be only several hundred miles wide at the most, as you can see on the flat earth map.

Byrd and his crew did aerial surveys over it, logging hundreds of hours of flight time, and included camera footage of the continent. If he had found an ice rim, with the data that he had, he simply would not have described it the way that he did.

Then he also says, "The bottom of the earth" many times, as I pointed out in an actual interview, and mentions "The two extremities of the earth". That is simply not consistent with a flat earth.

So, I'm a bit unclear as to what you are saying or suggesting. It seems a bit like you are supporting Byrd MAY have been a flat earther, and I'm unclear as to why and how someone could support that view from anything Byrd said or did in his lifetime.

Would you care to explain? Because there have been two challenges posted since 1961 for anyone to provide evidence on the subject of Byrd supporting a flat or hollow earth viewpoint, and no one to date has come forward to provide such evidence.

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