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RE: Debunking the Flat Earth Admiral Byrd Conspiracy. Part 3 of 4: The Flat Earth Antarctica Conspiracy.

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Thank you for the suggestion and the upvote. I'm curious as to why, though, since I've never been asked that before. I get most of my images from Wikimedia Commons that don't require attribution, or I purchase them from a stock photo company (so that I never violate copyrights), and when I get them from stock photos, it would be strange to link to the source. I don't even think they give you the source in stock photos that I purchase!

I'm unsure of the 'etiquette' on this, so I'd appreciate the tips. Maybe even do an article on it, if it might benefit others.


By linking the images it will help you qualify for curie review. You read up more on @curie. I was only trying to assist:)

I'm just trying to learn. I had no idea about curie, so I'm happy you are letting me know about it. I'll check into it.

My pleasure:)

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