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in flatearth •  2 years ago 

I never laughed at the idea at first because I knew I had been deceived a long time ago 😂

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It makes such perfect can't believe you didn't see it earlier...but still you can't even mention it to the sleepers you love...or they might just kill ya...what a pickle we are in...

Most people can't handle the truth it's that simple.The powers that be really know how to play us that's for sure!

I have been researching nearly full time sinse 2011. I have had the feeling sinse I was 5 years old that something was completely wrong in the world, but couldn't put my finger where?. When flat earth came around I avoided it in the beginning, because there was plenty of other al least as important issues. But the minute I looked into it I knew, we have been lied to again. Almost nobody can handle the truth, weather it's 9/11, the moonlanding "death it self" chemtrails or cellphone radiation and they can definitely not beleave the earth is flat :-(, because they have seen a picture of the earth on television

Glad you saw through the deception a long time ago!

We are easily the most dumbed down population in all of known his-story that is given to us. Everything is a conspiracy yet most people can't even see one of the thousands of different ways we are being manipulated to enslave ourselves. The craziest part about it all is they tell us in different ways exactly what they are doing to us because they know they can't get away with this shit unless we give them our consent.

I laughed at flatheads years ago, I still laugh at them now. All they got is some ridiculous giant conspiracy theory. A shame you guys don't try to learn things...

Yeah, those flat eathers find it impossible to believe that we live on a ball spinning at over 1000mph, orbiting the sun at 66,000mph, and being dragged by the sun with a tractor beam through a vacuum at the ridiculous speed of 600,000mph for millions of miles every day, and all this movement, and change in direction can’t be measured by any instrument we’ve ever developed!! Just because they know all bodies of water are dead flat, and level, they think that makes the earth flat!! These flat earth people present all kinds if physical evidence and facts, even real videos and pictures, and expect us educated ball earth folks to believe in their theories.

Everyone knows the earth is a spinning ball, our kindergarten teachers wouldn’t lie. I’ve seen the computer generated images all my life, and am smart enough not to trust my own eyes!! I know the horizon is horizontal and level, but that’s because the ball we live on is really really really really big! I also know that we travel millions of miles every day through a vacuum, but that North Star and all of it’s friends are really really really really really really far away, and that’s why I’ll never be able to see any movement.

Man oh man these flat earthers are just stupid. I know I’m drooling, and dribbling on myself, and banging my fist on the table why I explain that we live on a spinning ball, but that’s because I get soo angry when flat earthers present their danr facts and real proofs.


By the way, I’ve recently been diagnosed as having