Good on you for taking a holiday to antarctica. Make sure you head there during christmas holidays so you can see the sun not setting.

That should open you mind to reality once again...

Fat urf is what happens when people live in the stone age, pretend math and geometry are witchcraft and spend more time on social media than they do actually reading up on the subjects they are pretending to understand.

I like what you're doing. I'm not a flat earth believer by any means but I'm open to reasonable explanations that claim otherwise. It's good that you're exploring it instead of believing that it's just a round planet because everyone said so.
I wish you all the best and hope that you do figure out what form earth actually is of. Science is open to criticism at any point of time, so if you explored the math and the physics to prove your point and perhaps write a paper and put it out for everyone to judge, it will be a much better approach.

You wanted to see real camera footage, this is one of the cleanest ones you'll get to see around, whether it's a valid or invalid one as per your belief.

Looking forward to your future-journey of exploration. All the best :D

A few points to make you think:

  1. Why do we even need Satellites?
  • Think of how GPS works. I'm sure you must have used it.
  1. Why gravity?
  • I cannot tell why gravity exists, but I can point you to the direction why it would be weird if gravity didn't exist.
    When we design weapons or spacecrafts like the one in the video above, we take specific numbers to predict the behavior of the device at any given instance. These numbers seem to help us predict the behavior of the device with very high precision and accuracy. One of those numbers is value of gravity or the acceleration due to gravity. You might call it whatever you want but we do know that these values work and give us intended results almost all the time.

This was awesome to watch. Gave me butterflies to see the look on your face throughout the video. Thank you for sharing this journey you're on!

I appreciate your openness and honesty even if I don't agree that the earth is flat. I do however admit I don't know what shape it is and that it's possible the information we've been given is intentionally flawed. And.. Even just expressing that viewpoint can result in a lot of flak.. So.. It's definitely a sensitive subject for many and I've never seen another group as hated, not even holocaust deniers, so it definitely takes some courage to express such things, whether you're right or wrong in the long run, it's good to see others who are courageous enough to question things, even some of the most basic and simple things that so many just sort of assume as truth without ever personally looking much into.

earth is flat,, people need to unwrap their heads from their ,,,,