Flag Make us famous - Our Fund must be doing something right!

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I got a message on discord this morning:

So I took a look! Its always exciting to make these top lists, although this one is a little loaded. Will people think I our Synergy Fund is Spam because one guy decides to downvote 13 times in a week? Only those that don't check I suspect. Luckily, the whole community is in uprise about flags, even if they think they can tell the good ones from the bad ones still.

I will continue to draw out these votes! The fund is plenty strong to take them, and I cannot, cannot allow the type of hypocritical abuse that has been shown by this flagger, flagging skipped posts and charity fundraisers.

One so blatantly blind, who has apparently automated his ignorance, cannot be allowed to bully. Making fresh water possible for impoverished communities is SPAM according to Marius. Well he can mark my good work as spam all day. I will continue to push out original content, continue to invest on steem, continue to support the builders that are growing here -

and when necessary throw myself on the grenades.

This appears to be a psy-op. Make a meme of a community leader that helps homeless people in his community. Let's make fun of him. When you go on a down vote mission, your content automatically shows what you think IS RIGHT. We now know that marius thinks its right to harrass and make fun of others.

Typical Bully

Standing up to bullies is the only way. I originally was quite affected, and started writing nonsense for awhile, inspired by @rycharde.

But I do so much daily work talking to leaders, I thought: Why don't I just write about that everyday? I will. I am, and marius is not enough to bring me down.

The Fund continues to expand and thive!


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Hectic buddy, what do you attribute this bizarre downvoting behavior to? It's illogical and mentally challenged by the looks of it. It would be nice if they would engage in dialogue at least, so that a discussion could result.

Well done for persevering, remaining above ego limitations and developing a thick skin, much needed when involved in public service. Keep the goal in mind. "The dogs may bark but the caravan will pass."