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“No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.” -- Albert Einstein

butt flagged

I've got so many flags in my butt.., it's starting to get a little sore!

Im just having some fun with this.., with all the chaos going on here in Steemit this week. Gotta have a sense of humor!!!

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I just had a little fun with my last post too!

What else can we do, right..? :))


Yeah seems a lot of people are taking it deep.
Lets just hope something good comes from this test.

We can hope.., but things seem to be getting worse after today's news... CHEERS!

What's today's news?

@dan resigned!

Hahah gotta keep humor going these days.

Especially, with all this damn snow (now ice) around!!!

Hahaha ! That's the best laugh today before I catch some sleep here in Vienna. Those butts hurt..... outsch !!!

hahahahaha... :)

Smooth hit back again at you as well I see but why I only made 2 and you got US 13 for this " fun nonsense" 💅 I am so envious and want to cry, stamp with my feet. Why are we even writing and spending so much time?
I better get some Parliament Funkadelic now and "bang" my head with some bass!
Edited: @macksby
( I hope you know I was sarcastically kidding in acting out like a crybaby because happy for everybody's rewards)
That's just how it feels watching the drama

I meant to say " beautiful nonsense " 🍦🍭@macksby

You don't have to explain yourself to me @mammasitta -- you're the best. A good Hells Kitchen girl!

Things will work themselves out.., soon -- I hope!

So glad to hear you did not misunderstand my little dark Viennese humor I inherited from my awesome father :) It will work out as it always does. @macksby

But are you earning more?

Nah, I'm getting less votes, less interaction, and less reward.

Too bad.

It'll work itself out or it won't. I've had some fun here, and it's not over yet. Mostly, I would miss the intelligent interaction. Money is easy to come by, whereas bright people are vanishingly rare.

Fact. Thank you.

Exactly!! less votes, less interaction, and less rewards. But above all, The loss of "Intelligent Interaction" @lifeworship I can also feel 'that' like the most pernicious & harmful effect of this experiment. But well, we are just The Plankton lifeforms on this ocean of whimsical whales.
In other more dusty playgrounds, prolly we'd be simply Guinea Pigs. But shhh, don't even dare to imply that on this salty wet world. ;)

Not really... A few of the whales that normally hit me.., are missing in action!

Well, while I'm reading, not posting, a lot of thing happen ! Then, I'm ready to post again today, and the storm is over.... Haha, Am I lucky ?

Will see...