Someone PLEASE Splain Me Why I'm Getting Downvoted...?...?...?...X

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While I do enjoy a good controversy, I'm not sure I appreciate being the subject of one! Can someone please splain me why I keep getting downvoted by @trollshunter? Is there something in my teeth? Can someone please splain me this? I honestly have never heard of this Steemit Defense League. What is their deal?

No, but really. What is their deal?

Here's my post that got the most recent downvote:

5 SBD to Winner: If You Had A Million SBD, What Would You Do?

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The SteemItDefenceLeague used to be a group of accounts created by someone that randomly downvoted people. About a year ago, their delegations were taken away, which makes that their downvotes don't do any harm anymore, but the accounts are still downvoting.

You can find links to some interesting articles about SteemItDefenceLeague in this post:

Exposing the "Steemit Defense League"

I've been getting more random downvotes too! I see it as a good thing.

I can't wait to read the comments on this post though... :)



!popcorn :D

Why do you see it as a good thing? Might I ask?

Also, hey whatsup! Haven't seen you in awhile. But not on any account of yours, of course. I'm just now crawling out of the rock I was under. Good to see you around! I hear good things about you these dayzzzz. As usual.

We need people to stop being afraid of downvotes and also to use their downvotes.

Curation is a two-way function! :)

Sigh. I mean, yeah. I guess. We do need that. And I guess this breaks that barrier a bit? But actually, no. I think it just makes it worse, because the downvotes aren't really legit. They're random and arbitrary, and take all the meaning out of the purpose thereof.

But I feel ya.


I don't know why - but because this is a new little fish in the sea you should not care for now :D
To create an account and to name the channel in a fancy "defense" way is not worth much. Excited about the concept or if it is just another flagreward thing. We'll see :)


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