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in #flagging6 years ago

I like being flagged. Shows that I have provoked a strong reaction. Sadly, never happened with me personally - somewhat a failure on my part.



I never flag anyone but I could not resists this invitation my friend seeing you are eager for it :D
Now you can claim success.
Note: This flag was given by request.

Thank you! Though it's only a hollow victory. I was too obvious - the joke would only be complete if someone actually got worked up and flagged like they meant it. Oh well, I'll try harder next time :)

hmm I am not too good for that part I am afraid :D I almost never get that worked up.

I'm flagging you out of disagrement on rewards for that comment... they're too low
; )

5 flags hahaha. ..I upvoted @liberosist I still cant find it in me to flag any one eventhou I was once flagged for no reason but that person flagged down to some negative reputation. Good post @timcliff

it seems as though youve been obliged

FLAGGED!!! only 1% don't hate me! This is only the 2nd flag I have ever given but hey, you asked for it!

Doubt you will ever see me flag unless its an obvious reason like plagiarism and cheetah did not beat me to it!

I understand your meaning, but it is not as fun as it sounds. I get flagged in the comment section, infrequently, but still, it is not something I would do to others.

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