@haejin now targetted by @sadkitten

in flagclub •  3 months ago

I flagged you because even with the voting power your spend on retaliation flags you're still one of the most selfish self-voters of the whole platform according to @sadkitten algorithm.

I'm not asking you to stop self-voting, just letting you know that @sadkitten with only ~20k SP already took care of everyone currently worst than you.

It'd be great if you could spare a few up-votes a week on one someone else. As you know, it's one of the main reason the STEEM you're milking has any value whatsoever.

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@transisto, you're a real piece a shit work!

First, you're a God damn hypocrite! You own the bidbot, @promobot and upvote crap all day long. Second, you take money from these bids to enrich yourself.

While also, do you recall all those many, many self upvotes you gave your own comments? Should I copy and paste all those as evidence? And yet, you go around downvoting others for doing....drum roll....EXACTLY WHAT YOU DO!!

Oh, and the plagiarizing bullshit you post using your @zer0hedge account...what a beauty! You basically take the real contents from www.zerohedge.com and post it on steemit 3 to 4 TIMES A DAY!!. AND you use your shit @promobot to upvote ALL the crap posted by your alter ego account @zer0hedge! Isn't that like...PAYING YOURSELF? Isn't that the SAME AS SELF UPVOTING YOURSELF? IF that isn't a hypocrite...I don't know what is. You're a HYPOCRIT!!

Here is YOU just delegating your SP to your OWN BID BOT, @promobot TODAY. I think that your shit bot is Steemit's biggest problem! You're using this bot to PAY YOURSELF!! You're actually worse than that SUPRA HYPOCRIT, @grumpycat.....wow! He was also a piece a work. He had hundreds of comment placeholders which he selfupvoted and then policed others with downvotes to not use bidbots for >3 day old posts. How EXACTLY DO YOU HYPOCRITS JUSTIFY YOURSELVES????

THEN, you want to police others on steemit. You use pussy bots like @sadkitten to go and downvote others. What is so flabbergasting is that you then want to dictate to me and @ranchorelaxo on how we can and can't vote with our own SP. Where do you get off in thinking that you can be so hyprocritcal and justify yourself as a model Steemian (an Oxymoron if there ever was one!)?

Two Words for hyopcrits like you: FUCK YOU!!
Once you get rid of your bidbot, once you quit PAYING YOURSELF....then come to me and let's talk.

PS: I have been upvoting others not because the Hitler's SS wannabe jerks like you tell me to but because I want to....and as long as hypocrits like you keep coming at me, those upvote rates won't be able to rise. The most recent hypocrit wave was @fulltimedick and his tribe.....now you. So be it!

I find it highly laughable that you also put in the 85% self upvote meter as the condition of your downvotes! You just don't realize that Steemians have the FREEDOM to VOTE AS THEY WISH!! NOT AS YOU WISH and THANK GOD FOR THAT!!


even if i am a very small minnow on steem i agree with you and by saying this here i know that i also will be a target for the same ones attacking you

@sadkitten now targeted by EVERYONE it’s pissing off!!!
@transisto not happy...very saaaaad that his pussy is getting so...well, ravaged!


Rep on Steem is a useless metric and you know it.
Nothing is getting ravaged.


Never outed my rep. Don’t makw stuff up.


What does that mean, outed your rep?

It'd be great if you could spare a few upvotes a week on one someone else, as you know, it's one of the main reason the STEEM you're milking has any value whatsoever.

Not to take sides, or anything, you know I like you. But I'm not sure about this quote.

Of course, none of us can really say for sure. But I feel STEEM only has value because some Koreans decided to pump a random coin. I doubt the happenings on steemit.com have any real impact on the price.

I could be wrong, of course.

But it would indeed by a weird occurrence if a coin had value due to the fact that it's given out for free to shitposters.

Who knows.


" I doubt the happenings on steemit.com have any real impact on the price.


YOu haven’t seen my upvotes? Why?

What a nonsense! ?? How can you consider immoral what is allowed !? Not just allowed, the #Busy.org page clearly indicates the direction to the action, you only need to put the bird and vote for yourself.


I observe here a division into white, red and black. Where does it say that you can not vote for your post if its value exceeds a certain amount? Nowhere !! Nowhere is this.

Why throw dust in your eyes? The icon with the raised thumb is not true. This is not a mark I like. This is the business relationship between the author and the voter. Author of the book, can he redeem the circulation of his book? Can! So here. If a person finds it necessary to redeem his post, and to make money on this, he has the right to do so.

I guess what goals you are pursuing, this is control. Then, create your community and control it as much as you wish. It is possible that someone will even like it. But, leave people alone. I voted several times for my posts, picked them up from the dust, you can also put the dislikes.

I do not know you, but your actions remind me of the actions of some moral freaks who do not see beyond their nose. You by your actions, harm the system, a hundred times more than those who vote for their posts.

Investors will think a hundred times before investing their money in the system. Would they want to have such an amateur control?
Concerning @haejin egoism , investing his money in Stemit, is it selfishness?


I'm not sure if you're responding to me.

If so maybe linking which part is responding to which would help me understand, I'm very confused.


Also, about your "good intentions", how many accounts in a short time your friends created in a short time, to reduce the cost of posts @haejin? This, at a time when normal people wait weeks for their registration at Steemit? What then will happen to these fictitious accounts? Will they wait for a new victim? This is at a time when everyone is talking about the need to deal with fictitious accounts .... Do not you think that your cases and your motivations go in different directions?


Why do we need embarrassment? You took money from the person without embarrassment. You do not look like a sentimental person. You have correctly understood me. I saw accounts where authors vote for their posts of several hundred, and even a thousand dollars. But, I did not see you there and your friends, fighters for justice.

Congratulations @transisto good friend

if this is a very good thing then upvote this post here

if this a very bad thing then upvote this post here

Hiii @haejin and @transisto.!
I am a little minnow here and always trying to learn something from my seniors. You both are our seniors in this platform. I just share my feelings that i think Steemit platform is a lovely place where we should spread love, peace, and always cooperate with each other. and the high profile like both of you should not spoil your energy in fighting such issues. I think if you used your this wasting energy for promoting and helping new comers and minnows then it is much appreciated from whole community. So i desired you become good friends and think about the whole community.I hope for the better change.

Hey @transisto, if you’re inclined, here’s a list of berniesanders’ alts. I’ve got a little bit of what you might call a problem with him, so have fun if you’d like.


If you’re feeling generous and don’t mind counteracting the fucker, this is the post he flagged because I called his bullshit:



I'm usually on the side of the flaggers and don't care this time.


Alright, no worries.


~ Mako