Yeah throw it up here man. I'll check against our list up top so you don't have to go one by one.

It doesn't include all of the most reason ones they've set up in the past couple of days. I think I've found how they're setting up so many too if that's of any interest. The link requires a microworkers account, but here's a screenshot.

There are a few we didn't have, added now. Feel free to consolidate the lists.

He's going through a lot of trouble to make these accounts if that's what he's doing. But then again, this is the tard I caught re-testing my follow script fails.

The following accounts hadn't been used for flagging at the time that I found them, but are definitely owned by @camillesteemer too. I think they were testing to see whether anyone would pick up on them, and the guys at @steemflagrewards spotted it.


I'll do that, thanks.

The amount of effort and time they are putting into this crusade is actually worrying, I don't think this is a stable individual.

Indeed, buddy needs to get a life.