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RE: The Flag Ring

in #flag2 years ago

Greetings @guiltyparties. I was downvoted by a brand-new account yesterday, and wrote a post today speculating about it. After posting, I was browsing the 'flag' tag and came across posts discussing the Steem Defense League, including this one, which makes me wonder if the account that flagged me, @bestwebmaster (BotAntiTrolls), may be yet another head of this hydra. I submit this information to your good detective services. Thank you 👍


Thank you, that's a new one, added to our list.

Hi again @guityparties, I had my post about the downvoters downvoted by a downvoter LOL


Looks like @trucmipo could be another one for the list if not already present.

[edit]: just did a search for 'trucmipo' on here and found that the very first comment. by @elisea mentions this account, so I guess it's on the list. Cheers 🔆