Challenge Completed - Chest and Back Day 820 reps on May 13

in fitnesschallenge •  10 months ago

I was supposed to go for a run and do my cardio day last night, but I decided to do that on muppet Monday instead.
Then I don't have to worry about fighting for machines.

I backed on for the session also, and dropped two exercises.
It's getting to that time of year where my body starts aching like mad, so need to back off a bit here and there.

If you would like to join us for the 100 rep challenge started by @steemmatt please do. I encourage everyone to make the commitment to better themselves health wise.

Here is the last post for the challenge if you wanna join :)

☠️ The Workout - Chest and Back Day ☠️

💪 12 reps * 5 sets seated fly, @40kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets seated chest press, @40kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets seated row, @40kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets lat pull down @40kgs

💪 8 reps * 5 sets chest swings, @8kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets incline chest press, @40kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets standing lat pull down @19kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets iso lateral row, @20kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets low cable fly, @7.5kgs

💪 8 reps * 5 sets incline chest press, @80kgs, @100kgs, @120kgs, @100kgs, @80kgs

💪 8 reps * 5 sets lat pulldown, @89kgs, @103kgs, @117kgs, @103kgs, @89kgs

💪 8 reps * 5 sets seated row, @89kgs, @103kgs, @117kgs, @103kgs, @89kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets close grip lat pulldown, @33kgs, @40kgs, @47kgs, @40kgs, @33kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets cable chest pushdown, @15kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets cable fly @15kgs


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Good post I like itunnamed.png

I miss being able to kill this many reps!!! :(
Keep up the great work brother.


Haha that's just how I roll bro :)


I know I was not working when I was killing it with the rep count. Its all good though!

Jeez man, this is so intense. But its all good though. No pain no gain.

i like your post

You are a fitness freak it seems.Some times I do try to work out but miss the routine.

oh dear, oh dear, my tears are dripping. no joking....thanks everyone...oh my gosh, im getting uncontrollably emotional now..excuse me for a second.

Thank you very much for upvoted one of my post @thevillan. I appreciate it. I upvoted you too