Challenge Completed - Cardio Day 150 reps on May 17

in fitnesschallenge •  7 months ago

If you would like to join us for the 100 rep challenge started by @steemmatt please do. I encourage everyone to make the commitment to better themselves health wise.

Please note that if you would like to join us for the challenge, @steemmatt has postponed the challenge for a few days due to his mother being in a serious car accident.
So please follow him and keep an eye out for the challenge.

☠️ The Workout - Cardio Day ☠️

After training my legs the other night they were aching like crazy still, I'm surprised I got through the whole run.
Even better I think I hit a new PB, I'm going to have to put there results in a graph or something so I can more easily keep track of them.

I didn't do any stairs on the stair mill last night though.
My legs were sore so I thought I should leave them out.

💪 0.25 km walking warmup

💪 6.87 km run

💪 0.75 km walking cool down


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