Challenge Completed - Cardio Day 150 reps on May 14

in fitnesschallenge •  6 months ago

If you would like to join us for the 100 rep challenge started by @steemmatt please do. I encourage everyone to make the commitment to better themselves health wise.

Here is the last post for the challenge if you wanna join :)

☠️ The Workout - Cardio Day ☠️

I really had no energy last night, almost skipped the gym all together but managed to drag myself in there.
Trying to do my run and my legs just didn't have any gas, so I did fall short of my best run by 0.26 km.

Still though I'm glad I did get in the gym and tried to push through.
I also only did 20 floors on the stair mill, thought I wouldn't over do it. I think because I smashed two really big workouts the 2 nights before I was feeling drained.
Plus my back was hurting, it plays up sometimes :(

💪 0.25 km walking warmup

💪 6.54 km run

💪 0.25 km walking cool down

💪 20 floors on stair mill

💪 0.25 km walking cool down



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where I'm from there's a saying that says "not everyday is christmas" and it just means that every day won't go as good or as bad as the other. You did great @thevillan so be proud :)


Thanks for the encouragement m8 :)

I congratulate you. hopefully what you aspire will be achieved and success always.

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