Day 4 completed Sunday Touch + 100 reps

in fitnesschallenge •  7 months ago

Sorry for the late post, but I thought that I had posted the post last night. But it was still saved on my draft on

action-athletes-competition-73763 (1).jpg

Sunday is a rest day for most, but for myself in this cycle only means playing touch rugby recreationally. After an hours play, I did my daily mobility routine and got my 100+ reps in there.

I did:
  1. V-sits into roll overs x20
  2. Scapula retraction and extentions. x20
  3. Arm circles x10
  4. Body weight squat and hold in the bottom position 10 x 10 secs
  5. Leg swings x20 (10 per side)
  6. Deep lunge into arm to roof x10 (5 a side)
  7. Hamstring hold x5 10 secs each
  8. Scapula pull 5

snap (23).jpg

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Astounding work on the exercise - you have motivated me to include weights to my exercises


It's my pleasure my friend.

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Must be fun I'm American never played rugby but if I was to say it must be something that takes practice. Sunday is a day you do what you want to enjoy yourself