My Fitbit Stats: August 17, 2020

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I have discussed the start of my Fitbit journey


Starting Weight: 76 Kg
Weight Today: 69 Kg

Daily Stats

Number of steps: 1651
Distance travelled: 1.22KM
Calories burned: 2334cals
Minutes of exercise: 25

Monthly Stats

Number of steps: 45,691
Distance travelled: 34.09KM
Calories burned: 36,505cals
Minutes of exercise: 297

Yearly Stats

Number of steps: 1,176,503
Distance travelled: 779.3KM
Calories burned: 512,464cals
Minutes of exercise: 7559

All Time Stats

Number of steps: 2,685,712
Distance travelled: 2,016.32KM
Calories burned: ‭1,347,324
Minutes of exercise: 17,349

Well that's it for today, catch tomorrows edition once again.

Thanks for reading!


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