10,000 Steps Challenge - January 3, 2019

in fitness •  16 days ago

New Year Grind

Not much result for today as I stayed at home the whole day, just 1k+ steps for today.

10,000 Steps Challenge


Daily Stats:

Number of Steps: 1477
Distance: 1.04KM
Calories Burned: 54Kcal


Weekly Stats:

Number of Steps: 10,924
Distance: 7.71KM
Calories Burned: 405Kcal


Monthly Stats:

Number of Steps: 4727
Distance: 3.33KM
Calories Burned: 175Kcal


Yearly Stats:

Number of Steps: 4727
Distance: 3.33KM
Calories Burned: 175Kcal

Run Tracking

Distance: 8.54KM
Burned: 627CAL
Duration: 1 hour 38 minutes

No runs for today, that brings in a total of 8 runs, 62.87KM, 4550 Calories burned, with a duration of 12 hours 9 minutes

Thank you very much, catch the next update again tomorrow!

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It has been a long time since you got 10k steps.

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