Paying 100 STEEM for the video!!!

in fitness •  15 days ago 


Can you make a video of yourself doing 10 push-ups and another video of 10 Air squats. The videos must be quality and exercise performed must be correct.
You can watch here how to do correctly the exercises.

Special offer for the @tubcat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRAB WHILE YOU CAN!!!

And I will pay you 100 STEEM for both videos.

Note you video will be used online!

5sets of 10pushups-air squats.png

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I got these videos ready to send to you bud, just waiting on an email address..

[email protected] i can't send you envcypted mesaage because of stupid steem keys problem :)

Its not letting me send it because the file is 33mb and my email limit is 25mb. I know u want the file as 1080 so I cut the video all the way down to 23 seconds. Do you know of a file sharing site where I can post it and you can download it from there?

you need a better email, o put it any online cloud and send me link to an email :) like or google o dropbox or synchthing or onionshare or pcloud..... any you like or use.

Awesome, I never knew about these sharing sites... very cool.. Im sending it now with wetransfer but it is taking a minute cuz my internet sucks.. Hopefully it will be done uploading (and send) before I leave for the gym this morning.

LoL, I definitely do need a better email, right I use proton mail, its secure but i just use the basic free one so I don't have shit for extras.

try criptext email :)

Alright, I will. Ok, its sent now, you should have it in your email inbox.

I didn't receive it yet. make sure yor write [email protected]

the amazing thing is keybase gives you 250gb free lifetime

Ill definitely check it out then :0) Thanks