Plastic Surgery - Part 6 - the infinity road of recovery!

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I can’t wait for this to be over! As I mentioned before, I had to replace my implants, they expired. Yes! Boobies can expire. 

I removed the stitches last week. They are still very sore.
My movements are way better, but i still can’t open the ladies room’s door at the office, it’s so dam heavy. 
After 2 weeks, I was allowed to drive. However, I cannot cook or clean the house, and that’s good, husband and daughter are doing this, and I’m enjoying the break.

On the other hand, I’m afraid of going back to the gym.
I haven’t worked out for almost 4 weeks and when I think, how painful it will be when the doctor says "Yes, you can go back to your routine".
I can do squats, with no weights, but that’s boring... I miss the dumbbells lol.
Abs are not allowed, and I miss them, they were shy, but they were there.
At least, I’m allowed to continue with my intermittent fasting. Thanks to the fasting I am back to my weight.

I miss recording my workouts, and getting new Instagram followers everyday, I was, kinda, feeling good about it! Self steam was up to the sky. 
It’s going to be a new beginning, an easier one,  now I know what and how to do it!


waooo , you can, for the power fitness

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