Returning to the Gym after a Decade

in fitness •  10 months ago

Back to the gym after 10 years

I recently went back to the gym after a break of almost 10 years. That's not to say I haven't been working out over the last decade. Baby weight doesn't shift itself (three times!). I've learnt a new way of keeping in shape, which doesn't include a gym membership. Before that I loved going to the gym. I went four times a week, I attended classes, I swam, I ran on the treadmill, I lifted weights. I only stopped when I went on maternity leave with my first baby.


I worked my workouts around my kids

Since then I've worked my workouts around my kids. I do a mix of cardio and resistance workouts at home, I go swimming and I go running. It works ok and I'm in decent shape for someone who had their third child a year and a half ago. However, working out at home can be difficult with kids running around and asking questions and having to pause your workout DVD to change a nappy.


I jumped at the chance of going to the gym

I found myself longing to workout in a gym, to get back in the zone that I was in 10 years ago. So when staying at my sister and brother in law's place recently, my brother in law asked me if I wanted to be a guest at his gym and I jumped at the chance.

Boring as hell

I felt excited to set foot in the gym where everyone was walking around like they were on a mission and like they knew what they were doing. Everyone except me! I was clueless. It had been so long since I used any kind of gym equipment. Cardio I knew. I got straight onto the treadmill and ran for 20 minutes. It was awful. It felt so weird to be static while running. I actually started feeling dizzy because I wasn't going anywhere! And it was boring as hell. The only thing that could have made it better was some decent music but I had forgotten my headphones so had to suffer the music they were playing

If only I knew how to use the equipment

The resistance area (do people even call it that?!) was better. If only I knew how to use the equipment! I noticed a woman with amazing legs and glutes. She looked like she knew what she was doing and like she lived in the gym. So I basically stalked her. Every machine she used, I used it straight after....but had to lower the weights significantly. Then my brother in law helped me use the upper body weights equipment. I felt like i was doing myself some good, although there was still a suffocating feel about it, despite the fact that it was quite a nice gym.


I prefer the sun on my face

I've realised that I'm no longer a gym bunny. I like running outside, to be moving and feel the wind and the sun on my face. I don't just go running in the summer, I've been running in the rain and snow before too! But there is something about being outside and exercising that feels so right. I realise that if I joined a gym and went regularly I could go to classes and learn how to use the equipment properly, but that's not likely to happen until my kids are older. So for now I'll keep doing my Davina McCall workout DVDs and letting the kids join in when they want. I'll keep running in the park to keep sane and I'll keep going swimming when I can.

The Gym is not the be all and end all

I think I now know enough about excercise and nutrition to know that the gym is not the be all and end all of keeping fit. For those who can't afford a gym membership or get to a gym, there is a lot you can do at home. It's just about researching the right routines for you, being active and eating right. Simple. No excuses.

MummyImperfect x

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excellent post! thanks for giving us these types of post..😍

yes, the gym is great for us to keep our body as optimal as we want.
I love going to the gym.

Superb! Welcome back
You might feel some pains after the gym but you will be fine afterwards
10 years a decade it was...Welcome!

Was interesting to hear your experience of going back to the gym! The last time I was in one was last year, and although I made use of our membership then, used the gym equipment and attended classes regularly, it always felt a bit unnatural. And as you say, you'd just rather be outdoors, and I agree.

Nice to see you do a fitness related post as well, your husband's been very inspiring! I've been nudging myself to start a better fitness routine, so it's been really great and inspiring to see so many around me prioritizing their health :)


Thanks. I think as humans we are designed to be around nature more which is why we feel so good after spending time outdoors.
I get inspired by my husband, plus I want to show the kids how to lead a healthy lifestyle.


I want to show the kids how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

That's one of my biggest motivators as well. The example we set makes such a big impact on them :)

@mummyimperf. I love it my routine activities, gym gym one of my favorites also you seen in the post, hope the days are fun

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Great post @mummyimperfect. I had to laugh about the stalking of the lady with great legs. :)
When I first began to read your post I thought you were joining @nanzo-scoop in the gym
I think it is very smart to accept your situation and to keep doing what works best for you. I can see that you are in great shape, so keep doing your thing!
Thanks for sharing!


I think if I joined my husband in the gym I’d be dead after ten minutes! He’s pretty hardcore. He’s been giving me some tips though. I finally know how to work my triceps properly ! :-D


LOL!!! Yes he is hardcore indeed.
It's grear that he gives you tips and I am sure he supports you. That's very nice!

I had to laugh at the fact you stalked the other girl haha. I have done that before too ;) watching people how they use the equipment. I felt like I didn’t know what I’m doing. That’s why I love to just take a walk outside or go to the yoga class. But my belly gets in the way now ;)


Don’t worry about the belly. Just keep being active and eating healthy. It’s about how you feel too.


Yes, that's true! I'm trying ;)

The last part said it all.. keeping fit doesn't start and end in the gym. Good food and eating right does it too.

That's an amazing comeback, I know gradually, you will get the hang of the whole thing again. The focus should be on mental discipline to follow through and not hope that the shape will come in a day or two.


Thank you. Yes it’s about patience too. So many times I’ve become frustrated as I didn’t see results for several weeks. But gradually I’ve seen my body shape improve.


Good food is so important too! So many people spend hours in he gym then eat junk and wonder why they are not seeing results. You literally are what you eat.