Monday: 20 minutes Yoga - mostly hormone Yoga sprinkled with some regular Hatha. Cold outside and am very tired from overnight babysitting and not sleeping well 😜
All good. going to bed early today...

Yayyyyyyy!!! Welcome aboard!!! :)

I'm also going to do some yoga!!! Maybe today I'll start :)

Yoga is great!!! And I have neglected to keep my practice up and my body is complaining :)

Woohoo! Awesome plan in place! You can do this! Glad to have you with us :)

How’s it coming @mariannewest? Any workouts in this week yet?

okay - So, I guess I am putting comments here.

Sunday - 5 minutes Yoga

Yep! Just leave a comment in this thread every time you finish a workout and state what # workout it is for the week. Ex. “Completed WO 2/5 for the week of 20 min of yoga.”

Keep up the good work! Daily movement is our aim :)

I want to adjust my workout goal and change from the hike to working in the yard every day. I have a lot of schlepping and digging going on.
Today: broke down one tree (cutting and breaking into small pieces) walked one mile doing is and did some Yoga.

WO 3/5

WO 4/5 . Several hours of Yardwork which involved walking 1 mi + Some foam roller, some yoga. And my dog seems to want to be my trainer. At least 30 times today, I had to get up to either let her out or let her back in. 😜

Wow!! You’re killin’ it @mariannewest! Love to hear how you’re using work you need to get done outside as your physical activity! Keep movin’

Hi @mariannewest, today is the last day to get your fifth workout in. I’ll be counting them up in about 20 hours.

Thank you for the heads up. I will post in a bit!!!

Here we go: WO 15 minutes Yoga interrupted by finding a baby chick and having to rescue it from my dog. running to catch the mom and put them all safely into the nursery :)
Then 5 min of High-intensity aerobic movement followed by several very slow and deep stretches.
mommy and baby

Awesome!! Great job! Let’s carry this success into this coming week!

sounds good. I guess we sign up on your new post, right?

You are awesome!!!

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