Fitness Over 50 | 14.09 miles | GS29 Turned Over 1000 Miles

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My Genesis GS29 turned over 1000 miles today. This 2 year old bicycle I bought at Walmart of $149 dollars has had
-no professional work,
-one set of tires (It needs new ones now)
-still on the original chain
-replaced the stem for $10

I have done a couple of backyard tune ups on my own that has kept it shifting decently (at least as well as my Specialized Sirrus does with profession maintenance).

I am "smarting right now for having to pay so much to keep the Specialized operating, and for being without it so long for this maintenance, but really, my Walmart bicycle is performing just as well (though it clearly has less miles on it.)

I give my YouTube vlogs the main title of "Fitness Over 50." It is my goal to build a community of like minded riders whose purpose is to get and stay active and fit into their senior years. At 59, I see myself as just entering those years. I am not as fit as I would like to be, but neither am I trying to become a superstar athlete. I am becoming more fit all the time with:
-Regular cycling,
-Frequent resistance training and
-Ketogenic/Intermittent Fast eating
are the main elements to my fitnes
s plan.

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Looks like a nice ride man, the way your sped up the footage was a great way to share your ride with the audience, and don't worry about the headwinds, they will only make you stronger!

Just to let you know I've just started a new Steemit competition for cyclists. If you're interested you can read more here


Thanks for watching and commenting. This is my "backup" bicycle. Got my primary back from the sho last night and I am getting ready to take it out in a few minutes.
I will check out your link soon.