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I am going to be honest. I am nowhere near the level of fitness that I had intended to be. I could blame a whole host of reasons, but the truth is that I am to blame.

While I have loved my Swimathon training and I am back cycling to work regularly, I haven’t exercised as nearly as much as I intended to or wanted to.

I say wanted to, but I simply wanted to watch the boxset of Grimm on Netflix more. I wanted to eat that Twirl bar more and I wanted to get the bus more, using the weather as my main excuse.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”

So reportedly said Albert Einstein, but regardless of where this quote originates from, it is a very apt appraisal of where I now find myself. My lifestyle was/is not conducive to losing fat or increasing my fitness to the level that will be required for my 5km swim, the Bishopbriggs Sprint Triathlon or even a week exploring the Italian Lakes.


So, steps are needed to get me on track and rather than my favoured 10,000 walking steps, I am going to begin with 10,000 MOVES

10,000 MOVES from 12-31st March and 10,000 MOVES as part of my role as Glasgow Club’s #LetsMoveForABetterWorld Ambassador in partnership with Technogym


Let’s Move For a Better World is a nineteen day campaign to get more people moving and a chance to earn Technogym equipment for your community.

All you have to do is sign up (if you are not ready a member) to Glasgow Club and visit one of the participating centres where you can earn MOVES by walking, running, cycling, rowing and lifting, pushing and pulling on Technogym equipment that is connected to the MyWellbeing App that you can download effortlessly and for free.

Each activity earns different MOVES with the general rule that the more you move, the more MOVES you earn.


And the more MOVES you earn the more chance you have of earning these prizes from Glasgow Club

One year free membership prize draw for anyone that donates more than 10,000 MOVES.

5 x 1 Free month membership for ‘Star Performers’ who are those that have used #LetsMoveForABetterWorld to significantly increase their activity levels.

Over the nineteen days, I am aiming to earn over 10,000 MOVES and although I should not swear an allegiance to any one Glasgow Club centre, I do think that #TeamBella will benefit the most.

Will you be also joining them or will you be supporting #TeamTollcross , #TeamEmirates , #TeamGorbals , #TeamScotstoun or #TeamKelvinHall or will you see what teams there are in your part of the world?

Whatever team you decide on joining, you will be encouraged and motivated by your local team and you will have have the chance to participate in some fun #LetsMoveForABetterWorld activities and hopefully to help your team win (yes, it is a competition).

This weekend, I will be recording my baseline readings and getting a special Technogym workout designed for me and over the next nineteen days, I will be aiming to make my world a better place.

A place where I again feel confident; where I feel proud and where I feel happy.

I have finally registered for Dtube and I will be chronicling my progress. I hope that you can join me

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This is exciting! Can't wait to see how you go on this... I'm always super interested to see how technology and apps can motivate us to get outside and get moving...


Thanks, will be interesting if the reward of MOVES and my competitive spirit motivates me to increase my workouts