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in fitness •  2 years ago 

Posting a bit late today as I had a busy day. Meant to post this in the morning. I don't like to be strict with my diet so I don't get to many bad cravings and I can be consistent.

Pancakes With Protein Shake As Syrup!

Step 1: Make Pancakes

Step 2: Pour the Protein Shake

Step 3: Enjoy!

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eheheh nice bro... eat those carbs! What flavor was that Protein? Has to be chocolate. Should add honey too. Oh I miss sugar!


woops wrong "reply" button! ahaha


You already know it!

I really enjoy pancakes. Being a fitness junkie, I generally prefer them as post workout meal. I put protein powder inside the mixture.
That's a great idea to use as a syrup. I'll definitely give it a try :D