Power Up Fitness Challenge!

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Week 1 Results / Week 2 Kick-Off

If this is the first time you’ve encountered the Power-Up Fitness Challenge, WELCOME! We invite you to jump right in and join the Team starting NOW! Begin making positive changes in your health, fitness and life by increasing your daily activity with the help of our Team and the Power-Up Fitness Challenge.

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Challenges With The Challenge

As with any new routine, obstacles are to be expected, externally and internally—that’s WHY it’s called a Challenge. And Week 1 was definitely a challenging week for the Team.

The goal of the Power-Up Fitness Challenge is to complete 5 Daily Workouts (You can’t double-up in a day to make them up. We’re looking for five days of activity.) This goal proved to be difficult for the Team:


But, as @dreemsteam mentioned it’s NOT a failure if you didn’t meet the 5 workout goal—did you move MORE than the week before? Or, did you move MORE than if you hadn’t been in the Challenge? If yes, SUCCESS!

Power-Up Fitness Challenge Team:

We’d love for YOUR name to be here!

Onwards And UPwards!

Today kicks off Week 2 of the 6 Week Power-Up Fitness Challenge! Your Week 2 investment of .5 SBD is due TODAY and will be held for you as incentive to meet your goal. All you need to do is follow-through with YOUR COMMITTMENT to workout 5 days this week.

Complete ANY workout you choose. Make it simple if you’re short on time. Break up workouts throughout the day during breaks from work. For example, do push-ups EVERY time you use the restroom or 20 Jumping Jacks EVERY time you think a negative thought (that might be A LOT of pushups, but will help you to stop thinking negatively).

What You Need To Do

This goal IS achievable. The key is to PLAN your workouts and STICK TO YOUR PLAN. We’re also developing character by committing to a goal and following through with what we say we’ll do.

Action Steps:

  • Send your 0.5 SBD to @coachjj TODAY to claim your spot in the Challenge

  • Comment DAILY on THIS post in your own comment thread stating what # workout you’re completing, to keep a running tally of your workouts for the week. For example @andysantics did an excellent job of this in her comment thread: 5F31928D-4283-42C6-8411-61F71BCA7739.jpeg

  • Comment on other challengers threads to offer encouragement and support

At the end of the week, if you meet the goal your 0.5 SBD goes into YOUR “bank” to be returned to you at the end of the Challenge. If not, it goes into the “Team Pot” to be used as a prize pool for the Most Inspiring “Results” post at the end of the Challenge (as voted on by me).

Let’s Do This

I’m excited to see what we do this week as a Team. Together we can achieve our goals. I’m committing to add duration to my workouts this week. What are YOU planning to achieve?

Hi Friends! Thanks For Reading!


Hi! My name is Coach JJ and I've been coaching and inspiring athletes to better health and fitness for over five years! I'm a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer at CrossFit Edwardsville in Edwardsville, IL, USA. But, my vision is to bring together the Fitness Community on Steemit in order to have a greater impact on improving the health and fitness of our fellow Steemians.

I'm also a mother of two teens and a self-defined “spicy, sassy Christ-follower” who posts about my personal journey, but loves all those on any journey. Feel free to check out my intro post, get inspired on your fitness journey, or ponder on my faith-based posts. If any of this connects with you, follow me and say Hello!

Happy Steeming,
Coach JJ

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I’ve not received buy-ins of 0.5 SBD from @dreemsteem, @andysantics, @monchhichi23 or @bafi. I hope you guys are still with us!

you got mine! :) and i'm 2 for 2 woo hooooooo

Completed WO 1/5 for the week. Superset 5x5 Deadlift 175# and Bent-Over Row 75#. Then, 25/20/15/10/5 cal Row alternate with 5/10/15/20/25 Pushups with 80m Farmers Carry 2x 44# KB between rds. 19:58

Finished with a yoga session for hamstrings

Completed WO 2/5 for the week. Ran 8x 100m. Ran 1x 800m. Then did 50 Double Unders followed by 27:00 of Farmers Carry and Bear Crawls.

oh dang coach can kick peoples ass lol

Lol, not even close. Just kick my own ass ;)

Completed WO 3/5 yesterday. 60 Burpees and a yoga session. A visit to the chiropractor felt amazing!

Today I did 50 assisted pull-ups, but it was for skill practice and slow and was not much of a workout so I’m not counting it.

Completed WO 4/5 21-15-9 of Hang Power Cleans 85# and Burpee Box Jumps, with :20 plank every 2:00. Finished in 13:26. 50 Assisted Pull-ups. A yoga session.

Completed WO 5/5. 60 Burpees, 50 Sit-ups, 20 Pushups

Sending my monay in today. I would love to see a nutrition challenge added to this. Been trying for months to get a friend in steemit to create and teach meal plans. If I show her that hey there are people looking for mealplans. Bam I got her. I will be doing Fitplan workouts, starting tomorrow because I am actually getting ready for a closing shift right now. Btw @coachjj I love seeing how far you've grown on steemit since I first heard you on @shadowpub 's @steemitramble. Way back when you had mic troubles :p. So proud of you!

Nice!!!!!! @swolesome in the houuuuuuse!!!!! :)

I’m cringing @swolesome remembering that day on PYPT! Lol. I don’t know if I’ve come far, but I’m having fun and enjoying this challenge. I received your 0.5 SBD. You’re in! And I’m stoked to have you with us!

I definitely think there would be a high demand for healthy meal prep posts. A great niche for your friend. I was wanting to incorporate it with the Challenge at some point once people were comfortable with the Challenge and wouldn’t feel overwhelmed.

Smart! Speaking from experience always start small/easy and add features later. It sucks when you have to dial it back and cut out core ideas because it clutters the game/challenge.

How are the workouts coming? You need 5 days of working out. Today is Tues, you only have until Sat. Comment here each day you do a workout so we can see a running tally. Come on @swolesome, show me what ya got!

Waiting on my workout buddy. If she doesn't get ready I might do it by myself.

Good news @coachjj. I worked out. Bad news my stomach pain has me in bed in agony. Doctor wanted me to get bloodwork for it. Been putting it off now I have to deal with needles. Greatttt. But in all seriousness be prepared to donate my sbd, power it up or use it for a contest. However you see fit.

Oh no! I’m sorry @swolesome. I’m glad though that you’re gonna take care of it. Needles aren’t that bad. You can do this. It’s important.

Sent my SBD @coachjj.... count me in!!!!

How are your workouts coming @monchhichi23? You only have through Sat to get your workouts in (remember no doubling up). We want to build a habit of consistent exercise. Make me proud girl ;)

They're going great @coachjj, I am on track to get my 5 in this week. I found a yoga for beginners video online and worked out for 40 mins yesterday.

go monchichi, I love the shav asana though hehehe

Ok @coachjj...
Tuesday - 40 min yoga
Wed - 2 mile walk
Thurs - 2 mile walk
Fri - furniture moving and heavy lifting

Not sure if I will get one in today... while moving furniture I injured my knee.

Oh no @monchhichi23! Is it serious? Did you ice it?

I did ice it at first and then made the drive home and haven't iced it since I've been home. I can't straighten it all the way without pain and kneeling on it is definitely out for the time being. I injured a few weeks ago doing the same thing, and I think I made it worse this time around.

OK. I'm in. I'm the first guy in the group and felt a little unsure about doing this. I'm also not sure if I can keep up with the comments but I am slacking. There are two really important things.

1 - stand up every hour and stretch especially during office hours.
2 - get at least twenty minutes of jogging each day.

0.5 SBD is coming to you and the comments on this post will probably come every day. Especially if you reply.

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! but you're not the first guy in the group! hehehee
@scuzzy and @swolesome are here too ;)

also - don't worry about the comments too much - or at least, don't let it stress you out!!!

i did workouts for Sunday and Monday - and just entered them in today!!! (Tuesday)

the more we do it - the more we will get used to the routine ;)

just GLAD YOU'RE HERE @mineopoly!!!!!

Thank you. That's good news. For me it is morning and I will start this new plan.

I’m so happy you’re with us @mineopoly!!! Those are great goals—specific, measurable, realistic! You have through Sat to accummulate 5 days of workouts. Note each workout here in your comment thread so there’s a running tally. I know you’re in a way different time zone than us. Have you done any workouts so far this week? You can count them toward your total if you list them here.

Sunday night jogging
Tuesday power walk and stretching

Yay @mineopoly stick with it!! Good to see you here :)

Good job @mineopoly. You have through Sat to accomplish your 5 days. Keep it up!

Thanks coach. Thursday I played ping pong for an hour and kept my agreement to get up and stretch during office hours. You are awesome @coachjj

Awww, thanks @mineopoly. It’s you guys who are awesome, putting in the hard work. I’m proud of you!

I got my stretch time Friday and 20 minutes.

Now it's Saturday and I got in a long walk 40 minutes and now stretching. Looking forward to a new week. After week 3 i will increase.

Completed WO 1: I went outside and touched a tree! 20 pushups, 5 pullups, planked for 10 seconds! WOHOO

Wow!! Look at you! Improving over last week ;)

yeah he did!!!! hehehehe he's stepping it up!! LOLOL maybe tomorrow you can touch two trees @scuzzy LOL

if not - it's ok!!! you know your limits heheheh

Completed WO 2: I took dreemsteem's comment as a challenge. So i touched 2 planks of wood on a fence, YES! 20 pushups, planked for 10 seconds! LET'S GO!

Hey, hey @scuzzy you got any more workouts done?

Hi @scuzzy knock on wood. What music are you working on for blockmountain?

Hey @scuzzy! I don’t see WO 3-5. Just want to check before I post this week’s update :)

Hey! Yes I've missed 3-5, and rest of the week as well. I'll have to continue in a week or two! I'll be back! :)


and I'm so excited too!!!

I will be editing this comment TODAY when I hit my first workout! This week has my name written all over it!!!


Way to go on your amazing commitment last week @andysantics48!!!

Let's follow her lead @monchhichi23, @bafi, @scuzzy, @swolesome!!!!

Thanks for pumping us all up!!! We will.make you proud this week @coachjj!!!!

Sunday - WORKOUT ONE - DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES woo hoooooo (just making it back to comment now heheheh)

Guessssss what!?!? #6 for Saturday!!!!

Told ya I was serious this week @coachjj 😎

and two for twoooooooooooo Monday - i got youuuuuuuuuu!!! :) and yep - you better believe i'm getting Tuesday too!!! ;)

wow - i'm a poet hahahaha

FRIDAY.... i'm so fly day ;)

about to head out now - so I'll log it in... and you know what that meanssssssssss
@coachjj go count 'em..... this NUMBER FIVE!!!

WOO HOOOOOOO yeahhhhhh put that 0.5 in my bank please!!!!

dancin' my way down this hill today ;) (i'll be huffing and puffing on the way back up - but i'll be dancing on my way down! hehehehe)


Tuesday - i love you!!!! Yes indeed - been there! done that! :) workout done! ;) (i am LOVING my walks... everyday - going a bit farther, and the fresh mountain air is sooooooooo sweet!!! )
but not loving the bugs that have just hatched hehehe - its ok - the bug net hat is coming out and I dont even care if i look like a weirdo hahahaha

foul yellow card, lol, hahaha, good going firefly

Any more workouts done @dreemsteem? The Team is looking good this week, huh?

yessssssssssss!!!! :) i just haven't been logging but yesssss!!! i'm on fiyaaaa this week hehehehe logging now :)

hehehehehe yeah!!!! LOLOL i'm on workout #5 today! woo hoooooo no fouls this week hehehehe firefly has fire!! ;)

Wednesday.... no workout. break day! (hahahaa it wasn't supposed to be a break day - but i didn't get out !!! so... unofficial break day LOL)

THURSDAY.... YA HEARD DAY???? boom - lovely - first thing in the morning and the birds were my background music! Then the stream took over as background music.... then the birds came back as background music. ahhhhh sweet mountain life when spring is in the air :) such a nice way to start my day!!!!! this was workout #4!!!

@andysantics I miss you! How are your workouts coming?? It’s Tues and we only have through Sat. Whatcha got for me Chica?

Hey Miss - I'm on a different time schedule than you lol - I got all mine done last week :) Did the arm workout on your saturday night. then had Sunday off. Have now filled in Mondays and Tuesdays is coming shortly :)

Wow! You really ARE on a different time schedule...17 hrs ahead!!! But we’ll still keep it your Sunday through Saturday. So your arm workout was on your Sunday, correct? Let’s count that for this week. And anything you do between your Sunday-Saturday goes on the current week. I’ll put your first week’s SBD into your “bank”. Does that make sense? Let me know if not :) Great job!

hehe yea its all good which ever way round :)

WO 2 coompleted yesterday but I forgot to put it in 25mins xtrainer - 22mins normal - 1 min fast - 1 min 3 res - 1 min cool down. Traveled 1.32kms 93cals burned.

WO 3 completed - 25 mins - 18 mins normal - 3 mins fast - 3 mins 3 res - 1 min cool down. Traveled 1.34kms 95.3 cals

go Andy go andy win this and drink some brandy , lol. good luck

Hahahaha thanks @hispeedimagins I have to run with it while I have the motivation lol - I'm not much for brandy but I sure can eat some CANDY :P hehehe

Noooooooo candy! Coach said so ;)

Sorry Coach :(

WO 4 done - 100 sit ups plus various other exercises.