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Tips Are Finally Rolling In From The Gym... 🏋

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Last Saturday on FITNESS 101, you all were able to see some impressive Chest Workout program by a fellow Bodybuilder and a friend.

After a couple of hours at the gym, I asked my friend for some Tips which he knows other aspiring Bodybuilders can make us of.

Fortunately for me, he wasn't burnt out due to stress and he was able to spare me some minutes to discuss useful Tips for Bodybuilders.

Before he proceeded into what I asked of him, he made a statement that I myself couldn't see coming.

He said:

My friend, most people don't know the magic and fun behind bodybuilding. It always looks like a cheese ball to them because they feel it's a day job but it isn't. Patience is a virtue at the gym if you really want to get there.

My Riped heart softens up when I heard that from him.

The following Tips are to be followed if you really want to get in shape in no time.

  • You don't for no reason miss your Routines except you are sick or not available.
  • Junks are not food. You get real food in order to replace burnt calories.
  • Try to have Healthy Sex not Sex marathon. Too much Sex isn't safe for healthy muscle growth.
  • You shouldn't start your bodybuilding life with Enhancers. Training your body in a Raw state gives you edge over others. It helps to fine-tune your body to pain. NO PAIN NO GAIN.
  • Don't try to impress anyone at the gym. Most guys do this a lot and it isn't cool. Do what you can and rest, instead of impressing someone and you end up worn out.
  • Sleep is essential. Get enough sleeping time. This helps the worked out tissues to heal again for another day of workout.
  • Flaunt your muscle. You know why?? You worked for it and you are the boss of yourself.
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My personal Tip:

Heed to the above TIPS. You might just don't know where you will end up.

I mean maybe as an OLYMPIAN or a WRESTLER.

Until next tuesday TIPS day, @bat-junior says "HEED TO TIPS and KEEP FIT".

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keep fit! pump that blood! I need not that wrestler body, but the overtoned body of an Olympian athlete.


Sure thing bro. it requires dedication. Are you ready for that?

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Great post bro


Thanks mate
congratulations on your victory once more.

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