Workout - 8/31/18

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Good morning friends, and HAPPY FRIDAY!

It's almost the weekend and frankly I am VERY excited :) not because I have anything super exciting planned, or because I've had a hard week, but I'm just looking forward to taking some time for myself!

However, I always feel best about getting my super relax on after I've gotten a great workout in - it's so satisfying to rest and enjoy some downtime after a challenging sweat!

Soooooo, of course I wanted to provide you all with just such an opportunity too! What kind of fitness-loving friend would I be if I didn't?!

Here's a good one to try if you don't have a plan for your workout yet today:


  • Sumo Squat Jumps
  • Step Up To High Knee
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Double Leg Mountain Climbers
  • Push Up Shoulder Tap
  • Leg Lifts
  • Do both long intervals in a row for each movement, focusing on keeping up a speed that you can maintain - try not to stop moving for the whole interval! I know it's long, but you can do it!!!

    I hope you guys give this simple but effective workout a try, and let it help you sail into the weekend feeling fit, healthy, and happy :)

    Please feel free to comment, upvote, or resteem if you'd like!

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    Forgive me, but what does that mean? :)


    Lo difícil se hace fácil.