My Workout Dairy: Thu 08 Aug 2019

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Today’s thoughts

I was very tempted to take a rest day today however I managed to get some inspiration from YouTube and got there to put in another workout. Felt worth it in the end.

Today's workout

Shoulder workout

Barbell Overhead Press (STRENGTH)

25kg ×15 (warm up)
40kg ×10
40kg ×8
40kg ×8

DB Push Press Overhead (POWER)

8kg x12 (warmup)
36kg ×8
36kg ×9
36kg ×10

'Cheat' Lat side raises (single arm)/ 'Strict' Lat Side raises(1.5 reps) (HYPERTROPHY)

18kg ×12/ 6kg ×8 (warmup)
28kg ×12/ 6kg ×8
36kg ×9/ 6kg ×8
36kg ×8/ 6kg ×12 (1reps)

Lockout front raise/ High pull/ DB figure 8/ DB pressout (METOBOLIC)

18kg/ 18kg/ 9kg/ 9kg (rtp)
18kg/ 18kg/ 9kg/ 9kg (rtp)
18kg/ 18kg/ 9kg/ 9kg (rtp)

Today’s steps

20190812 13.56.01.jpg


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