My Workout Dairy: Mon 09 Dec 2019

in #fitat404 years ago

Today’s thoughts

Back to recording my workout regimes, for self-accountability mainly. With Christmas upcoming now is a perfect opportunity to regain those good habits before the holidays.

Today's workout

Chest/ Shoulders workout

Low Impact Cycle
30 mins

DB Bench Press/ Knee raise
36kg x15/ x12
36kg x12/ x12
36kg x12/ x15

Standing DB Shoulder Press/ Leg raises
28kg x12/ x12
28kg x12/ x12
28kg x12/ x12

Biceps Curl/ Press Ups
8kg x20/ failure
8kg x20/ failure
8kg x20/ failure

Boxing, bag work
3 x 3mins (30 seconds rest)


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Good to see you back after a long time sir and yes it is always good to get back on track.

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