Fishing Sembilang

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fishing technique Sembilang.
Fishing is quite easy to say the fish is easy because this fish likes to play on the edge of the river or the mouth of the river to the sea
the right time for fishing Sembilang in the morning or evening also influences the tides of water.
if we hobby fishing would be able to read the tide and low tide the sea is a major factor for anglers and can also read the water content of cold or warm.
the right water temperature for fishing should not be too warm warm.
baits for fishing fish is we can use the dead white shrimp or soka crab or can also fish tillers and others because the fish is greedy can eat anything.
if we are fishing in a place that better berbatuan we are fishing in the suburbs because these fish like to play on the edge of the rock.
and also if you want to fish in a rocky place better water order because fish will hide Behind Stone waiting for passing prey
this is all I can write down may be useful for all anglers.
Greetings from me: @strike-1

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