Fishing Experience #3: Some Small Fish, Better Than None At All

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Sustenance is various, sometimes we get something more, sometimes we also get sufficiency.

Hence, there are terms, sometimes we are at the top, sometimes we are down. This means that the sustenance of each person is still different.

Probably not many stories can be told about the fishing world, but for those of you who have experienced, there will be many things you can tell. Not only about fish, but the scenery and experience when you are looking for fish in different places.

Apart from that, then I will tell you about the fishing experience this time. Night situation, when I get small fish. But it is all sustenance, I still accept it. :)

We went at dusk

Why did we go at dusk? As always, we always follow the tide motion. Because when the water moves up, then the fish will come out to look for feed.

Hence, when the sea water moves in at dusk, we've parked our motorcycle here, and walked to the end of the estuary.

Rambeu (Trevally)

Dusk passed, night came. This is my first catch, do not ask the size, it is a small fish, because I also use a small bait on the fishing line. Ah, rather than none, this is good for me.

This All Results for Tonight

12 fish with various types, we have collected, and this is my sustenance, enough for tonight. Then I went home to meet my wife and told her to fry some fish, I wanted to eat.

Anglers! This is a fried fish from my wife, I'm ready to eat it. So fishing is one of the fun things, and it's never going to stop me. Hobbies are hobbies, never to be replaced. Hope you all like it.

Happy Fishing!

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I'm looking at the plate, it look like the fish's kids and their mom :D


Poor them... One family has been fried :D :/