Friday Fishing Stories: Report from Last Weekend

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So as you probably saw, I was able to get out of town last weekend and spent some time on the Colorado River. While there, I was able to do a little fishing, so this post will be a fishing report from last weekend.

Between watching the kids and needing to spend time with family, my fishing opportunities were somewhat limited, but I did manage a couple of fishing sessions.

I was able to go out one morning and fish a point where the river and a lagoon meet. This causes swirling waters with a deep hole where Striped Bass like to hang out. Early summer is hit or miss with the Striped Bass in this part of the river, as they migrate up from Lake Havasu, but there is no guarantee they have actually started coming upstream - often they are not even around yet. While fishing this spot for Striped bass, I saw a few trout swimming around. I didn’t end up finding any Striped Bass in this spot yet, so I switched gears and went after the trout instead. I managed to catch 4 Rainbow Trout in an hour, which was surprising as the trout fishing is usually better in the winter. As it turns out, they had just done a major trout stocking on the river, which is why the trout were plentiful. Trout are good eating and these were stocked fish (as opposed to natural fish born in the river), and I ended up keeping a couple of them for dinner – here are a couple of pictures:



I also tried night fishing for Striped Bass when the kids were sleeping on two of the nights. It was a near full moon weekend, so there was lots of moonlight in which to see, but the fish do have a harder time finding your bait/lures at night so it is generally harder to catch a lot of fish. I ended up finding a school of small Striped Bass who kept stealing the frozen anchovies I was using. After getting a bunch of little Striped Bass stealing my anchovies, I decided to downsize my rig and catch one so that I could at least say I did not get skunked. Here is a picture:


Overall, I managed 1 Striped Bass, 4 Rainbow Trout and 1 Sunfish while out there on this trip to the Colorado River. Not a hugely successful trip, but still a fun time out on the water!

Thank you for reading!


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Nice catch!

really your fishing story very remakable.because i am every time alots of new thing learning of your fishing story catch alltime nice fish.obviously its your high quality catch fishing skills.. you making this delicious food.this food looks to yammy and spent your good moment this Colorado River with catch fish.amazing fishing story..i am always seeing alots of different kinds of fish in your is gift very excellent story this time.i hope that,you enjoy your time of good day.have a nice day..very well done.i am really excited to see your fish..take care yourself and your nice of luck of your great dear friend.. @brian.rrr i am enjoyed this story fully..

Sir, I know you're having the busiest time with your family,
And during this busy time you will be very beautiful and sweet,
Sir, after spending so much of your time, you have kept the habit of fishing forever.

Actually, the joy of catching me is that he loves to catch fish,

It is a different way of eating and cooking the fish by eating fish in their own hands.

Thanks sir, I also love fishing.

Nice catch!! This has been a frustrating season so far for me. The weather was bad through the entire spring and ever since I got the boat out of storage I have been to busy with work in the yard that must get done. To top it off, one of the best spots to throw a line in from shore has been closed off due to construction in the area. I was not pleased to see that they did that. With any luck I will be able get out sometime this weekend or week. fingers crossed.


Yikes, hopefully you can get out there soon! What are you planning to target first?


The plan is to get out this weekend. I have the boat tuned up and ready. I'm hoping for some Walleye or Pike but will settle for some nice Bass.

That trout looked good in your hand as well as on the table. My full moon catch was some perch. Here's one of them.
WhatsApp Image 2018-06-02 at 09.20.33.jpeg


Night fishing sure is fun and that is a good looking perch! Thank you for stopping by!

Fishing is the most interesting hoppy. I'm pleased to read about your interesting fishing time. I often go to our nearest river with my friend Jony for fishing. Thanks sir @brian.rrr for sharing your enjoyable fishing time with us.

Hello how are you? it's Friday and I thought that your fishing history was missing, that is interesting is your passion and without fishing you can not be that good that you take a space to fish

So it is a friend to see that you were traveling last weekend do not doubt that you were going to have a time to go fishing.
I'm glad you did it was something short but you see you have to take care of the family but it's like they say for everything there is time and so it was, you experimented and did the one you like the most, I think the best thing was the food looks very good, I like the color of that fish

That's a nice-sized trout. That's something to be proud of. Did it give you much fight, or being a farmed fish was it just lazy about getting pulled in?


Yeah, it didn’t pull the hardest being a farm raised fish, but it certainly was still fun!

You want to spend a lot of time fishing for sure that did you very well no matter the short time the important thing is how much you enjoyed

Also prepared a good meal with a good fish are good holidays, I do not fish but I like to buy fresh fish and go to the grill and make the fish is the best.

It was very good you grabbed some good fish, greetings at home happy night

Wow. I'm sure it was fun for you no matter how limited the time was. I've never fished before. I'm always excited to see a life fish. I can just stare for as long as.... Lol. Hope you enjoyed eating the fish.

Looks good I caught some fish today a needle fish and a frog fish if you want to see them I just posted the pictures

Wow, Your fishing story is so interesting. I like that. You are a good fish catching man.

Wow in the picture you see that it is a large trout... I imagine you enjoyed that food a lot, because what you catch, cultivate or harvest its flavor is better. It will be because what is worked is better.

wow nice fishing,
I love fish & I love fishing.
catch big fish cook , I love it

glad you managed to get out !

How fortunate of even with family and occupations, you can enjoy a day of fishing, and although fishing has been little, the enjoyment was much.

I have a Friday fish story, too:

Although I had nothing to do with their fishing, this dish was my lunch and was delicious, in my country they call it cojinua, it sure tastes much better with the adrenaline of fishing.

It is good to clear the mind and do the things that we like when others rest because it gives us an incomparable satisfaction, that your passion pads @ brian.rrr

Never forget to do what you like brother and even though time passes and things change this is what defines you.