Native American women sterilized by the USA government.

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Pretty nice source.

Well I heard about this firsthand because this was my mother's generation. This was such an issue that it was common knowledge among the native American women about how these prenatal vitamins we're so amazing and all the women should take them.

Especially the young vulnerable young women.

these pills made my mother extremely sick so she stopped taking them after only a couple. Her health was already extremely sensitive as it was.

this was not done by accident.

This was a carefully calculated to make sure a large percentage of women were not able to have children there for the government would have a substantial cost benefit by not having to pay out overtime. Add to it the forest poverty lack of any economic success as well as the extremely failed ship Indians to the big cities with dreams of employment program.

Add to this that my religion was only made legally allowed in 1978.

which means that it's only been 40 years that native Americans could practice their own religion.

I don't know what to say about the world these days where you cannot go where you want your taxed upon everything and then you have to pay tax money upon tax monies.

Freedom is definitely came at a huge price.

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