The first Saudi woman in stage play

in first •  10 months ago

In the Saudi era, many per-stage plays have been introduced. There were women characters in these plays. But men played them Because the platform distribution of men and women was illegal. This is changing now. For the first time in the stage drama of Saudi Arabia, there is going to be a woman artist. Which is seen as one of the major breakthroughs in the history of the country.

 The 21-year-old female artist named Nazat Mufatah Besides studying information technology, he is also an artist. She played the stage play in the school. But he did not think he could get a chance to play in a commercial drama. Sajad said it is happy to be able to do this as the first actress.

Researchers will perform in stage plays based on the famous Disney picture 'The Emperor's New Gray'. Last year, the drama was played four times in Saudi Arabia. 

Now in the drama, women are being saved as artists. The play hosted by the Saudi Arabian entertainment authority is scheduled to be shown this month. The director of the drama Amaree Azaya said that the questions were often heard why women were not acting. After reading the screenplay the entertainment authority has allowed. They also gave formal orders on women's rights to the stage.

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