Firmo - The evolution of financial system:

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Nowadays people want a fair and transparent system for their investments. As many of the investors are moving towards block chain technology . Crypto is now the hottest topic and People are moving towards it. They just want a secure system so that they could invest in it. So with the help of @originalworks I would like to introduce my steemit friends and members to a new network that runs on block chain technology known as Firmo .


Firmo has a protocol that enables the user to create their own financial contracts with the help of smart derivatives. The smartness of Firmo network is that it provide a secure and transparent platform with the help of FirmoLang.So that maximum people would invest in it to keep their investment safe & secure. It also helps the user to create their own financial contract with the help of derivatives on block chain technology. The Firmo protocol is designed with highly secure derivatives . Smart derivatives can only be traded on regulated exchange that supports the Firmo protocol. Soon Firmo will be the new evolution of the Cypto market.
Firmo is building the future of the financial infrastructure .Following are the steps that has to be followed.

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The Smart Derivative- FirmoLang .

The financial contracts that is created by the smart programming language is known as FirmoLang.As the word “Smart” itself describe its uniqueness that it is programmed smartly to keep it safe and secure. The smart derivative language that used to create the financial contracts can only be compiled through a machine known as Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM).The Firmo protocol would be the best choice for those who needs financial contracts such as Exchanges ,Financial institution and other investors. These financial tools will play a major role in the financial institution as well as in various exchanges.

The Firmo Protocol

The Firmo protocol that is build with the derivative (FirmoLang) has some steps which are given below:-


Advantages of Firmo :

FIRMO is an amazing platform. Some advantages of Firmo are as follows:-

Firmo is a Transparent and a secure platform where a user, Exchange or any other financial institution can creates a secure financial contracts with the help of FirmoLang .
• The user can easily trade their position through exchange to the third party if he has created his contract through FirmoLang.
Firmo is highly secure as the financial contracts are created by a smart programing language known as FirmoLang .
• Financial institution can also achieve reduction in the cost by eliminating intermediaries and automating clearing process.


Firmo is a great platform that helps in building financial contract which are created through smart programming (FirmoLang) in order to keep it safe and secure. This platform is useful for the user, exchanges and other financial institution. User can easily trade through exchanges and can keep his investment safe and secure.

TEAM Behind Firmo :-

Firmo has a great team which is headed by Dr. Omri Ross who has Expertise in block chain technology. The development team of Firmo has a great experience and are well qualified. The development team has already released 9 educational games. The great team with great experience will led Firmo to success .



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