Interview with David Gold, the CEO of Dapix, the company behind FIO

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If you haven't yet heard of the Foundation for Interwallet Operability, you soon will.

FIO is providing not only a protocol, but an economic incentive model for wallets, exchanges, and payment gateways to make cryptocurrency on any blockchain as easy to use as sending value to an address like luke:stokes. Though BitShares, Steem, and EOS users have enjoyed familiar public addresses with transfer meta data, most chains still do not have these features or if they do, they have not been integrated into most tools. They also don't have request functionality with privacy by default. FIO is going to change everything regarding cryptocurrency usability.

I've been working with David and his team since October 2018 and joined their team officially in January 2019. We're finalizing my role as a Chief Decentralization Officer which will help bring the open source FIO protocol to life, owned and operated by the cryptocurrency and blockchain community. This new title of CDO may become a standard in the industry as centralized companies realize their profitable future benefiting their users and share holders relies on creating reliable, decentralized value for everyone. The Foundation for Interwallet Operability will have many aspects of it running as a DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Community) as well as a traditional legal entity.

Here's our thirty minute interview which I think you'll enjoy. We get into David's backstory, how he got into the blockchain space, and the genesis for why he wanted to build FIO.

Ed, our lead architect, left this great comment in our Slack after watching the video, and I wanted to share it also:

One thing that i really like hearing is in the final 10 minutes… establishing clear divisions of responsibilities and roles in the crypto ecosystem will help everyone in the ecosystem to do what they are “good at”. Engineering these systems that address each area of responsibility will provide the robust, scalable, and decentralized layers that will serve this ecosystem and provide trust that each layer works, and grows best moving forward…crypto protocols and exchanges are plumbing that moves crypto. the FIO protocol is here to provide a universally adoptable, loosely coupled (non interfering), service layer on top of that plumbing to provide a usability layer that serves all…

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As mentioned in the interview, the FIO Whitepaper and Roadmap will be publicly available very soon as well as the FIO Public Address Presale. Sign up here to get alerted when that goes live so you can reserve a name on the domain of your your favorite wallet or bid on a domain of your own:

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Good luck with this project and thanks for keeping us updated.