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Money has always been an integral part of everyday communicating and transaction.

Need being the main reason why the longing to acquire wealth has been one of the major or arguably the most important acquisition known to man to the point where it is required in religious gatherings , hence the saying "money makes the world go round"

Since the growth and revolution of money , from the times of trading by barter to using monetary substitutes to acquire goods which at the time helped saved on wastages of goods , services and even destructible goods , then came the age of financial institutions , institutions like banks ,investment companies and more.

So what Finance is : It is the process of providing funds for business activities, making purchases or investing .

Since this progress leap in the right direction , there have been more forward moving positive developments like the Blockchain and Blockchain technology where the former is a growing list of records called blocks that are linked using cryptography.
A sort of modification resistant data , a ledger but an open one , validating new blocks and keeping old and past ones intact and unchanged.

While the latter being the creative utility driven technological invention created on the blockchain.
And since the arrival and consequent growth of the blockchain , Finance has also evolved bringing forth the age of "Decentralized Finance" (DeFi) with its emergence on the Blockchain it is expected that the new technology came with its own challenges.

The first set of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) blockchain technologies has helped in identifying.

The Three (3) DeFi Pain Points.

1). Diversity.
2). Fundamental Value.
3). Convenience.

1). Diversity :

"Diversify the content you consume so you can diversify your thoughts" --@Apompliano(twitter)

Or as commonly said in the crypto-space ; "Diversify your wallet".

Addressing this as a pain point however ,this is so because unlike stocks and other similar commodities , the volatility in the cryptospace scares investors because in actually sense the they feel its an asset they can't see or better yet control.

This single reason has been what's made in scarce in the Blockchain space.

2). Fundamental Value :

As there is value they comes with virtually everything that is in existence , there are entities that create or magnify value within the crypto economy but also become the biggest beneficiaries.

This raises questions as to whether the tokens generated by the models of such beneficiaries come with business value that helps decide the success of a project in the crypto economy.

3). Convenience :

Because of the complexity and personal investment it takes to understand cryptocurrency let alone DeFi.

People tend to do easier or better yet focus on simpler and less time consuming things.
This may have been why people are unable to see the usefulness of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency.


FinNexus has made it their goal to overcome this three points so the industry can move forward.

By addressing this point , FinNexus objective is to solve the unspoken problem of DeFi which is ignorance.
Simply because some people still believe cryptocurrency is a sort of pyramid scheme.

Being educated about Crypto , Blockchain and DeFi with DeFi being the focus of FinNexus is another in the crypto space that needs more "holders" and investors hence a closer look.

To better understand FinNexus let's take a closet look at...

FinNexus Economic Model :

  • Rationale :
    The basicality in this is that FinNexus hopes to follow the steps and frame work of Bitcoin (BTC).
    From it's inflation , to it's long term deflation , it's and store of value.

This in turn will be measured by "free scale" which measures activity on the platform.

FinNexus (FNX) Token :

This is the FinNexus native token , its uses would include :

(a). Fees
(b). Fee Incentives
(c). Inflation
(d). Security deposit
(e). Voting
(f). Buffer funds
(g). Initial issuance
(h). Dynamic inflation

In conclusion :

According to the chart released , the total supply of FNX would be 500,000,000 and the division would be : 30% of the total supply to be issued during the initial sale , 25% to be reserved for the team and founding investors , 30% of the total supply to be reserved for operations and the remaining 15% is to be reserved for the inflation pool.

#NB : To get a more accurate breakdown of how the token distribution would be divided checkout this piece here

As I always emphasize , it is important to always "do your own research" (dyor) go here to checkout FinNexus whitepaper or talk to the team on telegram
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