The Summer Just Won't Quit

in finland •  2 months ago

Today's maximum temperature was about 24 C. Hardly what I'd call autumn. Yet, some leaves seem to be turning yellow and brown. I'm guessing the signal the plants are acting on is the shortening of the day. I took some pics outdoors today. You'll see them below.


Gooseberry bush leaves

kuva19 (2)



Apples in a compost



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Hi markku. Not really Autumn weather and maybe it will just hit hard very soon.


It has to at some point. The daily average temperature won't go below 10 C (day+night, why is there no word for the entire 24 hour cycle commonly used in English) for another 10 days according to the forecast. Who knows, maybe the entire month of September will be a summer month this year.

Nice photos.

I'm not familiar with that breed of apple, but at least some of those still look ok to eat -- why compost? D:


We are overwhelmed by how much we got them this summer.


Ah, even too much for preserves? Well nutrients that feed the soil are not nutrients wasted, I understand.

Looking through your Flickr I've noticed there's no more photos of 'em, which is a bit of a shame -- their golden orange is the perfect colour for the season. In fact, if I attempt a drawing of a setting sun any time soon, I might just use their colour pallet for inspiration!


We haven't even had time to preserve them all.