Saturday Night On Graduation Day In Lahti

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I went out to shoot photos on Saturday again. I also wanted to see if there were upper secondary school graduates out partying in this city anywhere in particular outdoors. Back in the day 26 years ago when I graduated from upper secondary school, it was customary in Tampere where I grew up that a lot of the graduates would gather at Hotel Rosendahl that had a very large dining room where we'd have a formal dinner after which we'd go out to the beach on the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi and party there. I imagined that that the youth would go to the harbour but they weren't there. It was ok because it looked fine as you can see in the photos below.


Restaurant Piano next to Sibelius Hall. It's about midnight.


The lighthouse and some boats


I wonder what the price of STEEM would have to be for me to be able to buy that one.


You can imagine any boat anchored here.


There's a pub owned by a local brewery on that boat.


Not quite the midnight sun. It would have to be maybe five degrees higher and it could be seen over a lake or the sea.

It turns out that a lot of the graduates go to Seurahuone, a club at the centre to party and that there is no place outdoors where they gather. Someone told me in the harbour that Lake Pikku-Vesijärvi park would be one such place. I wanted to capture the crowds and the celebrations in photographs. It turns out that no such crowds were in the park. Instead, there was a number of ordinary youths drinking and having midnight picnics. A police van was slowly cruising the area driving around the pond. I saw some youths interviewed by the police probably because they were suspected of drinking while being minors. If caught with alcohol or in a drunken state, the police will notify child protective services.


I parked my car and set out for the park. It's almost 1 am when this was taken.


Lake Pikku-Vesijärvi


Not too many people here. Some youths gathered to have a picnic and drink there beers, ciders and whatnot. It was quite warm at the time, about 19 C.


There is an island in the middle of Lake Pikku-Vesijärvi.


A bridge over the channel connecting Lake Pikku-Vesijärvi and Lake Vesijärvi


Lake Vesijärvi seen from close to the north end of Lake Pikku-Vesijärvi


I'm back in the south end. There is a little pond under the surface of which there is a computer controlled system of fountains that make up the so-called "water organ" together with a system of loudspeakers.

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You were dreaming of the wrong boat. The brewery boat with the pub is the one to dream about. We need to teach you how to dream lol. Great photos for 1am in the morning.


Hah! You're exactly right. Who needs some yacht when there is an entire beer boat out there. :D


See. Now you are thinking straight. Play GO and get drunk afterwards. Be like a home from home lol.


There is nothing wrong with getting drunk while playing Go. Absolutely nothing.


Didn't say there was. I am sure it would help me.

The images of me still look great, I can not get used to see the dark blue sky at midnight (although I do not want to get used to it, but the charm would be lost)
Excuse my question, but are you a teacher?


No, I'm not. Perhaps in another life I was or could be.


Then my question turned out to be a compliment (unintentionally)... Once I asked myself what life I would have had before this, and I think i was a Japanese haha ​... I like that culture. Greetings Bro!...

I remember you mentioning a couple of days ago about the end of the school term.
Even though that kids didn't keep the beach party tradition alive I am sure they must have some sort ritual of their own. Perhaps a newer tradition to keep the school spirit alive :-)


Different city. I grew up in Tampere. This is Lahti. 125 km apart. I wanted to see if they had a beach party tradition in Lahti. Turns out they don't.


Oh, I thought that this was your town. So they probably have something of their own.......


This is my town now. I grew up in Tampere and lived there until 2013. I have lived in or near Lahti since then. It turns out that there is no beach party tradition in this city as there was in my youth - and probably still is - in Tampere where I grew up.

Hey, good pictures and beautiful places you bring us. A lot of quality in several of your photos. The one in the restaurant is a beauty. and the one of the dock I am of postcard

cool but have to get graduated first !!!