Winter holiday hotel in Finland

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How do you know you are staying in a holiday hotel in Finland during winter holiday?

There is a dedicated sled park. Feel free to borrow.


Its too cold and car won't start, don't worry just use our battery. They should add some gold paint and red velvet to that. Would look so cool.


How about a fireplace with TV inside showing fire. I'm not kidding.


It looks something like this outside.


Take Care


Sled park...only in Finland!😝👏🏽 🇫🇮 Nice colours, though. I would definitely borrow the pink one. 🤗👌🏽

I use to work as a hotel reseption duty manager and I always love to see stuff like that. Very cheap for the hotel but makes people smile and can be useful as well.

Women :) You do not choose a sled by color but by how fast it goes!!!

That’s definitely men logic. 🤣

Well, if there were a brown maserati and a electric blue ford ka, I would of course chose maserati, no doubt. If there were two ford ka cars I would go for the electric blue. However, these sleds are not maseratis and probably there is no big quality difference between them :D

So ------> green!

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