Finish the Story Contest - WEEK #23 WINNERS!

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Hoist the colors, proud storytellers!

It's official: I have murderous feelings against my surface. This little-spoiled-as-shiny-as-delicate-out-of-guarantee-for-a-couple-of-days-brat today decided to sabotage me, once again, right before writing this post and when I need to spread love and SBI shares! The schizophrenic PC/Gollum, in fact, is the sole holder between my 2 laptops of the @bananafish steemit owner's key (necessary for the Steem transfers). Ohh.. but first or after you'll turn on, and then..AND ONLY THEN...
.. I'll keep the key in a safer place..oh case of a major delay I'll provide the SBI from my @f3nix account.

In this edition, a particular value has been given to those stories displaying a capability of using both the narrative lines of the evolving friendship between Tiago and Vicky and the Cumuloids' mystery. Another plus would have been the capability of communicating the sense of wonder and surreal in front of an unfathomable supernatural appearance. But, technically, it was mostly about mixing the intimacy of a love between teenagers with an extraordinary (natural? Divine? Human?) event. As always, any idea other than these showing originality and creativity has been rewarded: this is not about guessing the author's second part. One last curiosity, after writing it I realised that the story has been influenced by Picasso's painting "Bathers with a Toy Boat".

What's boiling in the bananafish kitchen (the news!)

  • Thank you all for your ongoing sustain!!! The contest is evolving awesomely and the community is growing steady notwithstanding the crypto-winter + the torrid summer. If you know other great steemians feel free to invite them to share the fun.

  • Our fiction master alchemist @calluna will write and curate the 24th edition! Thank you Cal, I'm eager to see how everyone will develop your story, considering that I already sunk my fangs in it during a tasty preview.

  • Thanks to @curie's donation also this edition will reward the participants with an overall pot of 8 @steembasicincome shares!


Alright, let's cut the chatter, brave storytellers, the winners of the 5 @steembasicincome shares are:

  • @gwilberiol: he wins the 1st prize of 4 SBI shares. A very fresh story where he displayed an impeccable dialogue technique who immersed the reader in a story of innocence and wonder. It's not easy to reproduce teenagers thoughts and reactions from their perspective, in a convincing way. The interpretation about the cumuloid was also very original and the whole story had an aura of poetry.

  • @ediblecthulhu: 2nd place and 2 SBI shares for our sparkling new friend, herald of the Gods from the outer space! He managed to create a fantastic mood and there's something magic in that contact between the couple of teens and the benevolent entity. The knowledge of the supernatural in a single, neat package.

  • @calluna: she wins 2 SBI thanks to a well-deserved popular vote! As always, she skilfully built the tension all along the story thanks to a rhetorical repetition. Everyone have been totally engaged and, personally, I still wonder who really is Vicky.

  • @cyemela, @theironfelix, @marcoriccardi, @seesladen, @oivas, @tristancarax, @opiman, @stever82, @maverickinvictus, @sarez you all did great and I'm always surprised by your ideas!

.. see you all tomorrow with another story and a rich pot of 8 @steembasicincome shares!


For those that want to join the fun, here is how this contest works:

1. You receive an unfinished fiction story or a script.

2. You finish it with your own post or a comment in the comment section. A limit of 500 words is recommended.

3. YOU WIN! 8 @steembasicincome shares to the writers with the best ending.

It's so simple and, most of all, we'll enjoy our fiction ideas!
Nothing is mandatory here, but voting and resteeming is highly appreciated!


What's next?

The first round of this contest is tomorrow 8th August, 9:30 AM, GMT+7 (U.S. West Coast time zone). The result will be out on Tuesday 14th August, avg. 14:00 PM GMT+7 (U.S. West Coast time zone). Submission deadline: Monday 13th August, 12:00 PM, GMT+7 (U.S. West Coast time zone)

If you like this contest.. SUSTAIN THE INITIATIVE and SPREAD THE GOSPEL! I'm grateful for your resteeming and word of mouth. The purpose of this initiative is to enhance creativity while distributing wealth and create a fiction workshop of friends. Everything helps to make us grow together!

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Looking forward to the next round after my week off 😉


And we look forward for your stories! Hope you had a great time bud ✌️😎

It is always fun.


Thanks for playing with us! This is the fun steemit we like, yo!

Way to go!


23 man, 23! 🤙

Congratulations to the awesome winners!
A friendly pat on the shoulder of every brave storyteller!
Thank you to the readers and supporters!
F**k you to the Surface! :P


Well said! Iike the climax 😁

🙇 Thank you!


You're welcome! 👾💨

Excellent article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

Sorry I was distracted this week. Among other commitments, I've been pet sitting every other day for two dogs and two cats. I come home really tired :)
I hope this week to be more engaged. Congratulations to the winners and participants.


How was your research Dr. Moore? Did you discover something that we can include in the contest? 😁


Oh, yeah. Creepy, creepy stuff about an invasive, pervasive parasite. Whenever you feel like going dark--there's the place. Looking forward to this week's story. Hope I get inspiration.


Uhm I think that one day it will be me getting inspiration from your research.. so many times nature beats the most twisted fruits of imagination! Parasites are an example.. or also some insects like the manthis 😱

Oh wow! :D Honored and thrilled! TY for the great contest and congrats to everyone on the fantastic stories! <3