Pay Attention to JP Morgan Chase Financial, I don’t think they are bluffing.

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Can anyone else feel it? Do you feel like something really big, maybe like never before is about to happen and turn this world upside down?

This week both President Trump and FEMA have spoken at length about being prepared for a disastrous situation that could not only affect America but, would also cause a domino effect throughout central banks all over the world. I realize September has always been disaster preparedness month but it seems the buzz about it this year is very much elevated.
One of the head bankers at JP Morgan said today they think a debt bubble is really ready to pop and it will cause civil unrest not seen in 50 years. It has also been wildly reported that JP Morgan has closed all their silver short positions on the COMEX, something they have never done since the collapse of Bear Sterns and the silver debts they inherited.

What do you think is about to happen....if anything. What are you doing with your money to give you the highest probability of protection? What are your plans with your family in case civil unrest happens in the streets while the just in time services can not deliver? This situation makes me very nervous because nothing got solved during the last crash and the debt has been piled on in record numbers. This will not end good.....

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Now I'm wondering what kind of effect will this unrest have on cryptocurrency. May it be easy, and be given a way out.

One thing I have learned is to not listen to what financial institutions say but what they do.

Bix Weir (somebody I don't really follow) posted about this too. Silver and gold have me trained to be cynical but who knows. Dude, your comment on Rawdog's latest video had me rolling!


Lol...that guy is a total tool. He’s funny to watch but you can clearly see he is uneducated.

some people believe this disaster will NEVER come.... I think they are wrong...I feel it will come soon, during Trumps first 4 years


Trump will be used as a fall guy...they have been preparing the public to point their fingers for a while now

Thanks for the update.I always wait for your interesting posts.It is pleasure to following you.Waiting for the next one.

I've been waiting on something big to happen for about a year now. Since publicly (via the media) Trump is viewed as being a failure outside of everything but the economy, the powers that be want him to look as bad as possible. Of course, I put nothing past our government in terms of who is involved and for what reasoning. Honestly, I've been waiting for someone to take a shot at him; the guy might be the most hated person in the world at the moment because he's battling the liberal left head-on and choosing sides is not an option they can handle. Thankfully I live down here in Mayberry (lol) where the guns outweigh the leftist, if you know what I mean.

Everything could be Wonderful but Only if you hold Physical Silver in Hand.............


Why? So we can make silver bullets for the vampires.

Time to get back to Acapulco! ;)


I can’t wait to tell ya the truth.

Hey Old Bud! Long time since we chatted... But yes, I am on the exact same page as you, or maybe even a few ahead of this post.
I have been looking for this for 10 years now, ever since the '08 Debacle that wiped out 33% of my "401A" account. First thing I did was reallocate that (since rollovers are not allowed) and promptly got all my $$$ back. Good Move. THEN I went searching for GOLD and Silver investments. GOLD was "too high" for me at that time (I thought) so I concentrated on Silver. Funny thing, I am actually just a tiny bit underwater in my Silver Savings, if you believe the CRIMEX (comex for the newbs) but I don't buy the MANIP-MANOP bs.
As for "prepping", all the physical preps commenced right after the financials were hedged. Plus I have added a little Gold to the PMs portfolio since then.

This will not end good.....

Copy That, ready to roll! God Bless us all, and if people are not ready, get you some food, fuel, and possibly a 9mm handgun with a few hundred rounds of cheap ammo. Ya never know what may come...

AR-9 FLASH-can complete.png
AR9 Glock "Pistol" 10.5" barrel, optimized for 9mm NATO Rounds

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Good looking out. I contacted every single voter during the changer over and reached over 600 voters who moved to the new witness team name off my personal name, but @broncnutz never replied. I appreciate you catching that and including the thought here, @underground. Thank you!


I'm sorry man. i am managing a lot in my personal and business life and still try to make quality videos for social media just about every day. It's hard to keep up with it all. I post on at least six platforms and many comments slip through the cracks .


Thank you! No apology needed, I do the same kind of time sinks. I read my comment and it sounded whiney and rude. My bad. I apologise for that. I spend so much time here on things like working with the other witnesses and devs during the outage today, that I didnt even realize my area has tornado warnings going on all day lol. Thanks for touching base!

@SirCork - @NobleWitness


change done.....welcome back man!

CrYpTo to the moon but will one be able to access it............ metals massive air ball under water finally released but will anyone want it over the essentials........... the dollar worthless..........stocks worthless.......skills and the only metal that will be priceless in this type situation "lead"........ Let's hope this isn't the course. As much as I don't like modern day slavery I still like the fact that there is some order within this chaos.

those financial institutions are fucked up you know believe me seniors here at steemit are so talented and experienced they are best predictators ... and yeah we dont know what will happen the next moment ... so as the cryptocurrency vtw i can feel the same something big is going to happen we dont know what but something big gonna happen for sure ... lets hope for Good and the best of the rest broncnutz

If the "you know what" hits the fan, I'd rather be in Colorado than here on the east coast. Things will get downright nasty...

nobody is prepared for this.maybe the worst time we have to face.

I used to have supplies stored, but have since moved and don't have room for that anymore. Junk silver would hopefully be useful for trade if necessary. Still have the water filter. Maybe some canned goods are in order? Curious why you tagged this post gold, but not silver?


I actually like silver better I just ran out of tags. 😜

Yeah nice thoughts @broncnutz and now time J.P. Morgan Chase's "remarkable" earnings beat shows the U.S. economy is "on fire,"


"It is a incredible quarter" We never think these-numbers can/could happen."
Thank you!

I think they should invest in crypto. After all if the big players came into crypto then it will definitely going to rise. @broncnutz and I also investing my money in crypto market there are some coin which are my favourite and there are at lowest


Dayum, Dude! ALL the "Big Players" ARE in Crypto, they strictly trade on the Futures Markets, however... and most of them are Shorted out the ying-yang... The few that are "long" are just barely long, I think the next 2-3 years calls for BTC to be still under 10k as I recall!

I really hope this doesn't affect the cryptocurrency market negatively @broncnutz

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Hoping that they will come to crypto as gold mann satchs are already out from crypto.


he is not out, he just delayed the process i think, He has accepted that Bitcoin is not fraud, but maybe it's not the right time.

Jp morgan is certainly a game changer we need big investors which helps in keeping the price stable in crypto.

JP Morgan has been acquiring a lot of silver over the years. They ain't dumb.

Actually, it’s superb to ME that each single one amongst these countries understands that sensible policies that promote business and growth is nice for the common citizensss of this countries, for jobs and wages, which somehow, this nice yank economic system system, we no longer get it.”

so JP morgan is afraid of it?


Well I doubt it because they have the largest silver hoard in history bight now.

I am not very prepared. I think the debt held by regular Americans (including me) is concerning. I'm not sure how this will play out.

I wish I had my debt completely paid off. I've made a lot of progress towards that this year, but I've still got more than six months to go before the big chunks of it are paid off or down.

Now I'm wondering what kind of effect will this unrest have on cryptocurrency.

Will it make our candles greener and longer or otherwise.

May it be easy, and be given a way out.

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All fiat currency eventually becomes worthless. Maybe after everything shakes out, we can go back to sound money or at least some kind of blockchain currency where the government cannot just borrow or have created out of thin air.

All persons feels nervous while investing money.

Something scary can be happen according to me sources are claming jp morgan into crypto.

Surely something big is gonna happen in september.

This is next big thing a positive news no matter what they are going to impliment.

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That is a little alarming, is a rather delicate situation that if you say that there is no way to stop it for longer I think that unfortunately only wait for the outcome taking the necessary steps to be safe

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Well I think that somehow you will find out to get out of this predicament that is being presented. And try to trust that the people destined to solve this are sufficiently capable. Because many countries have gone to ruin by having incompetent or ill-intentioned people, taking the reins of the problems. I really hope everything goes well. And that your country does not have to suffer, nothing like the disaster that is happening, in my country at this time.

The jp morgan and gang back again at it i don't trust them at all

Don't feel it yet and would not want to.

Banks and government have so much power over recessions and I believe that they are all made artificially to benefit the ones with a lot of cash on hand. During a recession they have a chance to buy businesses, land and property cheaply to become even reacher. While the rest of the population as you say will be in civil unrests.

good friend you have to wait to see if they act, not everything that is heard is true or is true

One thing I have learned is to not listen to what financial institutions say but what they do.
Thanks for the update,i must say its pleasure to following you....

Nothing to think about that but I will just hope that if things get ugly that it would get better in the crypto world @broncnutz

Is this the reason why we have seen dump in crypto.

wuao we live in a single nerve when we invest money, let's wait to see what happens

I really hope this doesn't affect the cryptocurrency market negatively @broncnutz

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Great broncnutz

Excellent news

Plagiarist! lol.


I don’t understand....this is my own words and post with nothing copied from anyone. Do you even know what that word means?


The lol should indicate something, look at my most recent post to get the joke.


I really hope this doesn't affect the cryptocurrency market negatively @broncnutz

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thanks... Crypto BULLS!!!!!

Hope we will see bull run in crypto very soon

Governments are the main people who do manipulations in stocks and crypto.

Cant predict anything when these big companies making moves.

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Good decision by jp morgan and co

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