The Mule (film): Not surprised by I really liked it

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With a couple of exceptions where Clint kind of strays from what he excels at, I really enjoy Eastwood directed films, especially the ones that he stars in. In The Mule Eastwood does both and it is yet another winner of a film.


The film is based on true events and unlike many other "true story" movies this one was not advertised as such and doesn't even indicate that the movie is about a real person. They tweaked a few things here and there for the sake of entertainment value, but for the most part, the underlying story is really close to actual events.

Eastwood plays Earl Stone, an elderly man with a penchant for growing flowers and charming strangers. He spends his days doing what he likes to do and is overall a very good-natured and law-abiding person. He has made some mistakes in his family life throughout the years and many of his own family members have "disowned" him because of this.

One day he accidentally makes a connection with the Mexican drug cartel and becomes, as the name would suggest, a Mule transporting drugs across America.


That is pretty much all i wish to tell you about the story because I really believe that you should watch this and I don't want to spoil it for anyone. The movie also features performances by Bradly Cooper and very small but well-done roles by Lawrence Fishburne and quite a few others.

Eastwood has this magical ability to make me emotional in his films and The Mule is definitely not an exception to that rule. It was also shocking to me how tiny and frail Clint appears in this movie - I hope he is ok medically and that this dramatic weight loss was intentional. I think that really anyone else directing a film about so little that the movie would seem monotonous after the first 30 minutes but through the magic that is Eastwood's directing (and of course a good script) this film had me on the edge of my sofa for the entire hour and a half. The Mule more than doubled its budget of $50 million in box-office gross.

On a scale of "urgh!" to "wowsers!" I give The Mule an overall rating of.....

yip yip yip!

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I seen it a few days ago and I must say "Typical Clint Eastwood!" If your a fan you will love the movie! 👍👍👍

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He has had quite a few movies in the past decade that my wife and I keep saying we need to watch and then we never get around to it. We still haven't seen Million Dollar Baby or Grand Torino. Besides Firefox, my personal favorite of his was The Eigner Sanction. Great movie.

I'm sure you hear it from a lot of other people but you really should see MDB and Grand Torino. 2 of my favorite films!

Yes! We totally need to have a movie night and get those off our list. The truth is we rarely have time to watch a full movie. My wife goes to bed at about seven each night because she gets up at four every morning to exercise. On the weekends we are either busy running around or she tries to fit in a two to three hour nap each day (she loves sleeping). That leaves little time for movies. We are still two seasons behind on thirteen reasons why, two seasons behind on sneaky Pete, and about three seasons behind on orange is the new black. Plus Big Brother is starting soon...

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I have to say thank you for bringing this to my attention. I'm not up to date with movies, I've been busy and not much time for movies but this worth a try. Clint Eastwood is one of my favourites and the story sounds good as well, so I'm going to give it a try.

Interesting fact, I've never seen his name written backwards with others characters than the usual ones 😄 it was fun to read the poster. By the way, how much Thai do you know?

I know a lot of Thai but that poster is not in Thai... it is in Hebrew, i think.

Great! Just made a fool out of myself 😁
It's morning and probably not awake yet.

LOL! Don't sweat it... you just need to remember that Thai looks like cursive cake decoration and no one on the planet is fluent in it. :P


😂😂 cursive cake decoration 😂
You're a funny guy. Actually I'm familiar with Thai writing as I'm a curator for eSteem, I'm curating Thai blogs on a daily basis but I made the mistake anyway. No problem, better luck next time.
I was thinking if I coul ever learn to write in Thai, it would take years I guess as I see it more like drawing. Can you write as well?