Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: A winner!

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This movie was out for nearly a decade before I finally saw it. I only watched it at the insistence of a friend and I can honestly say that I don't even recall it being in theaters in the States. I'm sure it was but it somehow went unnoticed by me and many others.


There is no real star of this movie as the 4 main characters are focused on about the same. That is, everyone has nearly the same about of screen time. The story is about a group of friends who all pitch in on an underground card game because one of them has a gift for reading other players at a table. Basically, he always wins. However, they weren't counting on the host of the match cheating and therefore winning. Things get worse when they realize that not only did they lose the initial buy-in but are now 500,000 pounds in debt to "the Hatchet," a ruthless crime syndicate leader. They now have to find a way to come up with the money within a week.

To ensure the debt is paid we are introduced to "Big Chris" and enforcer of sorts who who is played by Vinnie Jones. If you are not aware Vinny Jones is a real life ex-football player (soccer) who was well known for his ruthless tactics on the field. He is big, he is tall, and he is extremely intimidating.


I realize that Jason Statham is a household name now as an action hero but did you realize that the only reason anyone knows who he is started with this movie? Did you realize that he wasn't an actor at all but only through a chance encounter did he end up getting cast in it?

he is in fantastic shape considering he is over 50

He was working as a model and was introduced to Guy Ritchie (the director) who just happened to need to fill the role of a con artist with street smarts. Ritchie learned that Statham actually was involved in the black market (I don't know in what capacity) and it turned out he was perfect for the role. Considering he had no experience in acting he really pulled the role off perfectly and is arguably one of the best actors in the film. Nowadays it seems that Statham never meets a script he doesn't like and is involved in 118 films a year, most of which aren't very good (think "Death Race.")

The acting, the direction, the characters, the story, just everything about this film is absolutely perfect if you appreciate films the way I do.

There is probably a great chance you have seen it already but if you haven't get it right now

My overall opinion: 9.5 / 10

As always i welcome your comments and criticism.

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It feels like forever ago since I watched this movie.
I think I would give it a solid 10.
Vinny's villainous image really works for him on screen.
He looks pretty mean to.
Thank goodness Jason got his chance encounter.
I don't think many of the movies he was cast in
would have been the same without him.

9.5/10 by you really?
I’m watching this one . I love Jason statan as an actor that he is , and I’d see his movies over and over again. Thanks for telling us about this

I've always seen Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch and Rock'n'Rolla (you should watch those if you haven't already) as an unrelated trilogy. Awesome cast, awesome directing and the best dialogue I have ever seen. Holy shit I forgot how funny this movie is. I don't think there was any point in the movie where there wasn't any sort of funny snarky dialogue or excellent character interaction.
It was the right mix of hilarity, quality and chaos. Truly one of my favorite comedies.

I have watched this film countless times and it is always funny, entertaining and visually appealing. It combines a great story (actually about 8 stories), lush cinematography, and superb dialog. When I first saw it, I thought it was a good rip-off of pulp fiction, but later you come to realize that this simply is not the case. it is much more like "The Usual Suspects", another great film. Lock Stock is absolutely an amazing classic.

Acting, direction, story, this movie looks absolutely fabulous @gooddream


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Smoking is the passion of character

When i saw the poster and saw the picture of a guy looking like Jason Statham, i had to check for his name to be sure. And to think the guy's first movie was this and that he got casted by luck is a real work of luck. The movie sounds nice, it would be worth watching those guys scrabble up and down to come up with that kind of money in a week... 9.5/10??.. would see if it lives up to that

You have to see snatch now it's almost as good

Really sir every Movie good or bad its depend to our self mind..if we appreciate this movie then this movie are all perfect when we do not appreciate then its carry huge wrong.

Statham - one of the last martial arts macho actors :D Let's hope he gets some good scripts for future movies.

9.5 ,that's awesome...

Jason Statham is one of those I will love to see in all movies, very strong, skillful and the likes. Can't believe he's over 50 with this great physic.

9.5 is perfect. If i am not wrong that muscular guy is in Fast & Furious movie too? Well, i am not sure.

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Thanks man for movie review.

When I started reading this I thought that the plot (also the the kind of actors involved) sounded like a Guy Ritchie movie and I was right. It remind me another movie with Jason Statham and directed by Ritchie, Snatch. Actually, with a quick research I found this movie is from 1998. Wow haha the time passes like a flash

yee , one of my favorite Jason Statham is there. I love his movies, I agree with your 9.5 points.

Yes Sir Acting,Direction,Characters and everything is absolutely perfect when we appreciate this film otherwise not.

Tremenda movie my friend, es un placer que la recuerdes.