Dumb and Dumber to: Huge letdown

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Let's start out by saying that I am a huge fan of the first Dumb and Dumber and could easily re-watch that movie right now and be happy with it. That being said, this one is almost irritating.


The story is basically the same as the first one. Lloyd and Harry have to go to great lengths to deliver a package somewhere and some villains are attempting to stop them from doing so. They eventually succeed in their mission by the dumbest decisions imaginable being the only thing that the baddies wouldn't predict. The critical response to this movie can be summed up in this statement: "the film had its moments, but there just wasn't enough of them."

I think that after a while the idiocy and stupid giggling of Jeff and Jim start to actually be annoying in the sequel. Perhaps we have evolved as humanity, but I doubt it.

Since the focus of the movie is of them being complete morons, it only stays interesting for a while. I don't really know how to describe it but basically they just redid the first movie and it wasn't necessary. I was surprised at first, and them amused to find out that this movie actually won an award. It was the "Worst Male Images in a Film" award.

this is actually from the first film and Duff, this lady, might be the worst actress of all time

There are plenty of cameos in the movie, the best one being Bill Murray, who says only one line and doesn't even make his presence known because he is wearing a mask. Cameos were not enough to save this film though. Perhaps we were all "dumbed" out from the first one. 20 years passed between the 2 films and i certainly hope there is not a third and I say this not just because Carrey has become box-office poison and apparently has completely lost his mind.

I wouldn't count on it though, because: money. D&D2 made a bunch of it despite being terrible.

I agree with the overall consensus of this movie having its moments and if you watched the trailer you already saw most of them. I can't give this movie much, but i suppose it is still better than staring at the wall, but only just.

3.5 / 10

and at least 1.5 of this is because Rob Riggle is actually quite good in the movie.

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It's no masterpiece, but Dumb and Dumber is a largely entertaining road comedy elevated by the delightful chemistry between Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. Both are in top form as the film's dim-bulb protagonists, and help provide the film with many laughs. Sure, it's little more than a string of gags tied together by a relatively thin plot, but in terms of entertainment, it certainly delivers. If gross-out comedy and "dumb" humour isn't your thing, I'd look elsewhere. For those who like Jim Carrey comedies, I'd recommend you check it out.


I agree with your comments.... about the first one

Well i haven't seen the first one which i would have to because it seem interesting by your words. Atimes the success of a first movie might bring a part two that might not be necessary. From your description it might be like the Three Stooges if am not wrong. That was one hell of a comedy too


3 stooges was unique in its time period. D&D2 is just an idiotic cash-grab. Jeff Daniels is never going to be taken seriously as an actor if he keeps doing stuff with Jim.

This is really dump and dumper story just like you have explained in the story you shared. Really funny lol.

agree with the overall consensus of this movie having its moments and if you watched the trailer you already saw most of them.

Reaching an agreement on a particular form is the best just like viewer discretion.

Just watched this, such a disappointment, Acting and story lines were awful, personally wouldn't recommend it to anyone!


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I've 5 times watching that film and still have time to watch it again

iam also a great fan of this just like you @gooddream. it was the best show ever.

I liked the first movie although I haven't watched it more than twice nor haven't seen it in a long time. Never watched the second and I won't hahahaha. I think a similar thing happened with Zoolander 2.

Dumb and Dumber is one of our favorite movies too and I don't know how many times we have watched it, but I really didn't enjoy the Dumb and Dumber to and just like you I thought it was a huge letdown.

Lol, id only watch this sequel when am so damn bored to death i have literally exhausted all options, the movie is just dumb😄