Congratulations! Let the show go on!

Thanks. It's slow going but nonetheless a blast!

Congratulations! Still looking for a producer to help with Changelings myself. Keep us posted!

Where do you live?

Los Angeles.

What's the logline for 'Changelings? Is it a feature?

Hey there. Changelings - the short - is about a shapeshifter who is out for revenge on another one of its kind because of a broken heart. The feature version is similar but told from the perspective of a person who is on the outside of the relationship because of the larger themes at play.

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Is the feature scrip written?

No. Not yet. Still working that out.

awesome... really nice

Having a blast!

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Feels good we're working together!

It is very good . Happy for you and good beginnings

Very nice news Brian! Hope this goes well for you!!

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