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Hello and welcome to another Filmmaker’s diary!

Then the the big project of this week was a pizza place near me that I really want to work with. I think their pieces are fantastic. They're really the best fantastic price really excited about it. And, you know, but they're kind of little and their marketing is really key week. I think they, they, they're kind of recent as well. So I would love to work with them and make them like huge Pizza place to be honest. And so I reached out to them.

I offered to make one for free, even though even though I think I can you know, even at this first job, I can maybe get paid a bit because I have different options and upsells and stuff but I even offered to do it for free about that. Also, I've been a bit hesitant to do for free because I'm like oh my god, I can't do any more free work. I've done so many work already. I'm so experienced the people you know, and the best Okay, think. But, um, but then I talked to You know, I haven't I haven't had much momentum with the video business you know it has been a bit stale and this and that. So and I haven't done any food, any restaurant video videos, so you know so that is it I decided to offer this one for free I saw other few niches that are really want to attack also going to think which company I'm going to offer for free and I'm going to go for it but this pizza place so one of the reasons I want to offer it for free, it's I know that the more people that see and are aware of the pizza place, they'll try it and wants to try it. They're gonna be big fans because it's really good and very affordable.

So I reached out to them on social media and stuff I did a full on photoshoots with their pizza, my girlfriend helped me do some still lifes and stuff. We did some food, designing good stuff, and I had never done it either before. So I took a few pictures, I send them one. And then I reached out in social media stuff and I went They're to the local to the physical restaurant. And we spoke and stuff, their thing is, they're going to go on holidays now for the next three weeks. So the whole momentum I was thinking it's not going to happen right now. But I really liked their vibe and and they seemed very receptive to it. They even mentioned maybe, you know, checking out the budgets on this first video. So let's see, my plan is really do the first video, it can be for free, it can be an upsell, but then I'm going to present to them a full on marketing campaign. I think like all these videos, they can make all this social media presence all this email, or this website, there, even their website is a bit off. But that's that other than that, then I had to find a new plan. So those other companies I was talking about to reach them, maybe I'll just do that now next week, find one to see if they want a video for free. Well, it's not really for free cuz you know, that I can use I'll say them, you know, I'll do this for free, but I can use it. In every way I see fit in my own marketing in my you know, love that so that's so that's pretty cool. We're gonna we're gonna do that one.


Also finished a course about videography, a really cool course about the business of videography the company.

Then yesterday, I went to the just gonna focus on yesterday today. So after I went to the pizza place I came in and then I spent a lot a lot of time working on the website. I mean, there was a lot of stuff. I have three websites, and one of them has been blocked for a long time. So I managed to unblock it. Now I need to reveal it because I can get in but It's kind of gone. But other than that, my other two I worked a lot updated a lot of stuff. There was really a lot to do. I mean, it was hours I was until late at night doing it. And I saw also try the Google stories. It's this new WordPress plug in that Google is pushing so I guess they want to promote it. And it's it's like stories.

So I tried it out. I did one yesterday and put it on my, the one website, I don't have a blog in which this thing is good for blogs. So I did a blog post and need to, to really do Official Blog now to really try it out. But that trade up that Google stories as well. I haven't written today yet. And yesterday, I didn't write at all on the script. But this week, I wrote quite a bit. So that's cool. And I'm writing this short film now, which I did. I was writing a feature but that I need to do this short, because I was really feeling like it and the topics I think are relevant for the time and stuff. And but I don't know if it's gonna be a short anymore, it's evolving, I think it's going to be feature is what it is. Because I mean, I have already 15 pages and I'm still at the beginning of the movie. So I guess it will be feature even though it's a short. It's like a thriller gene or like four parts of a short that make one full story. So this is only chapter two. That should really be a short, but I think it's going to be a feature. I don't know. I'll see I'm just writing it as they see fit. And then and then we'll see. Also, I have an idea for a movie, short movie as well a bit with some special effects kind of thing that I'm thinking maybe we do. So we're going to see about that I just need one actress and it's kind of special effects. But I'll see because it's definitely a passion project this one, I don't think I'll even sign because it won't help me much. Maybe it will, I don't know. But I kind of, I don't know, kind of want to do it anonymously. And it's not it's not really a short film. It's not really a commercial. It's not really a documentary. It's like an interventional thing. It's what it is a bit like a slap in your face. But, so I have that idea. Let's see, I don't know, but maybe I can do it cheaply.

Maybe next week, I think of the logistics and see what's happening if we do it or not. So that's it today and today, it was also a lot of the website work continuing did plant the tree. The tree models that I'm gonna, the three options that I'm going to offer to the pizza place, see, okay, you can choose one of these three and I kind of want them to go to the So I still get a bit paid, I'm going to say Okay, the first one I can do for free. The second one, it has all this other stuff, I can do a 50% discount, and there's a third one, I can also do a 50% discounting but there is quite expensive. So let's see if they go for the middle one. So I did that then also worked a bit on the dream 100 list. I'm sure I'll talk about more in the podcast. But that's like have the this or that I was talking to reaching out to brands and companies and stuff I want to work with, well, you might as well reach out to those you really want to work with. And that's kind of called the dream 100 So I did a little list a little it's not finished, but I did a little research on on the topics on some brands that that want to work with locally and stuff like that. So I started that. And yeah, that's it man. Um, I kind of Yeah, not even gonna say all the other stuff of this other way of the rest of the week. But that's it for today then I still hope I'm gonna write today. Still, I still have a few things to do today. It's not so early on already, but I'm still gonna do it right and this crypto currency thing happening today. I also want to go look at it. So that's it for today. Saturday. I'll have come back tomorrow, Sunday for the end of the week. Wrap Up

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