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a TheMoviePlace Psychological Movie List for the Steemit Community

I hope you will enjoy

Hello again dear friends and steemians, three months have passed from my last list about a particular genre and I think it's the time to make a new one and in particular a psychological thriller list, the last one being made 5 months ago.
I have a lot of movies in this category and want to share with you everything that's good in the movie world and by doing so I hope to make more people happy and I hope I will spare you of lost time.
My list will contain 20 movies from different years and each has a special subject which deserve to be watched not just once because we know very well that this kind of movies are the most difficult to understand and also you can search an explanation on youtube or in other places where you can find an explored review of a particular movie.
I know that is a difficult genre and is often very pretentious but is the most beloved by me and hope that you will find a pleasure in this list.
The movies in this list are chosen random ,the minimum rating is 8 which means the movie is very good, the rating 9 signifies that is a must see movie and the rating 10 I offer to the movies which I consider masterpieces.
I can hardly wait for your opinions, and your recommendations from which I hope I will find some movies I have not seen yet.

Psychological Movie List (Part 4)

1. The Best Offer (2013) aka La migliore offerta - my rating 9/10


image source

2. Phone Booth (2002) - my rating 8/10


image source

3. Unbreakable (2000) - my rating 9/10


image source

4. Eraserhead (1977) - my rating 8/10


image source

5. Chinatown (1974) - my rating 9/10


image source

6. The Fountain (2006) - my rating 9/10


image source

7. Cube (1997) - my rating 8/10


image source

8. Match Point (2005) - my rating 8/10


image source

9. Stay (2005) - my rating 8/10


image source

10. Triangle (2009) - my rating 9/10


image source

11. The Gift (2015) - my rating 8/10


image source

12. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) - my rating 10/10


image source

13. The Ring (2002) - my rating 8/10


image source

14. Following (1998) - my rating 9/10


image source

15. Audition (1999) aka Ôdishon - my rating 9/10


image source

16. Predestination (2014) - my rating 8/10


image source

17. Mr. Nobody (2009) - my rating 9/10


image source

18. Source Code (2011) - my rating 8/10


image source

19. Enemy (2013) - my rating 9/10


image source

20. Confessions (2010) aka Kokuhaku - my rating 8/10


image source

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That's a nice selection. I've seen like 75% of them. Still a few to go.
A few months ago, I'd watched Contratiempo, a Spanish psychological movie. I really liked it :)

I watched Contratiempo last week and i liked it too also I made a article about it with other movies that i watched last week.You can check also my other lists: Best Psychological Thrillers (Part 1),Best Psychological Thrillers (Part 2),Best Psychological Thriller movies from what i've seen (Part 3) that have the link in the article.

I will check them out :)

thanks ! very good movies.I would add "the shawshank redemption"

The Shawshank Redemption (1994) is a masterpiece but it does not fit in the psychological subgenre.

I guess I just found what to do this evening haha!

You can ask me anytime if you want to see a particular movie genre.

Nice list, I seen some but not all. I am going to have to watch some of the ones I haven't seen yet.

Here is a list of 5 movies based on real life, you might be interested in. I watched and enjoyed all five.


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To throw my own hat in the ring, I'd highly recommend Peter Strickland's 2012 love letter to Italian giallo cinema, Berberian Sound System, which is truly amazing and brain-warping.

Not mention its exquisite use of sound design and its portrayal of Foley work in the film itself to really heighten the atmosphere to skin-crawling levels. 9/10 for me.


Also, I would also recommend Steven Soderbergh's 1991 Kafka, which really does a good job in bringing the Kafkaesque surreality to life.


Also, speaking of Kafka, Richard Ayoade's The Double is a fantastic interpretation, with a Terry Gilliam dystopian flair, and a talented cast, including Mia Wasikowska & Jesse Eisenberg (who over the years I've come to admire—you just have to realise that he is really good at playing only certain types of roles, and as a result he's essentially only cast for those roles) excelling at the characters that he plays best and given the space to do so.


Thanks for the recommendations @majorx3thom, I will add them all to my watchlist.

Great list! I love psychological movies , havent came across any good movies recently but your list will get me some. Thanks for it, keep it up :)

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