Why the Fuck Should I Watch: AQUAMAN (2018)

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Why the fuck should you watch “Aquaman”?
• You like CGI fantasy worlds. Although it’s a superhero movie, it establishes a whole new fantasy world.
• You think that Aquaman is the weakest and the most pointless superhero and you are ready to be corrected.
• You never go to the cinema to see movies with interesting and surprising plots. You like ‘em eye candys.
• You like expensive things (#money).


I think people have got used to the bittersweet feeling of let downs that DC has provided over the recent years. Now the new superhero movie from DC has premiered and Aquaman (the muscular Jason Momoa) gets his chance to shine and smell. So it’s time to lower the bar a little more…and, I quess, go to see the movie.

This is the story of Aquaman’s origin and how he becomes a king. The story develops fast, the movie doesn’t get stuck in those pathetic emotions and character building parts - like DC does things (don't make me recall Batman vs. Superman, please don't). So we get to the action right away and stay with that note until the end.


There are two villains, of which one is the generic boring one (Aquaman’s brother King Orm) and the other (Manta) gets so little screen time that all his dialogue parts exists only to try to justify why he’s even there and doing things. But yet…Manta seems to be a great character, let’s hope he gets more screen time in the future.


The plot is not bad, but utterly average - no interesting surprises nor plot twists. Especially if you have seen the trailers, you know the whole story. But DC has developed their formula (huge budget compensates everything), and it’s the first time I actually felt it: money solves things, and makes you forget things. DC throws so much money into your face in every scene that by the end you feel tired, used, but strangely good.

(this footage above is not from the movie)

Why the fuck you shouldn’t watch “Aquaman”?
• You think: “WTF, fish don’t fuckin talk, man!”
• You think that the only muscular man in movies should be Arnold Schwarzenegger. He would have been the perfect Aquaman. “Get in the whale! Nooow!”
• Too familiar tricks make you yawn and facepalm so much that you'll be sore even three days later.
• You don't want to send DCEU a wrong, too encouraging message, by buying a ticket.

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